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Any noodle experts out there? Can you identify what kind of noodles these are?

Do these look like soba, chinese egg noodles, or something else?


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  1. Here are some more pictures!

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    1. Possibly mung-bean flour noodles- commonly sold semi-dry in little "nests" in Taiwan like vermicelli...

      1. Looks like shanghai noodles to me too. Or possibly e-Fu. Don't think it's mung bean (aka glass) . Those are thinner and translucent.

        1. I think shanghai noodles, too. Definitely not soba, wrong colour.

          1. My vote is for Shanghai. I eat them fairly regularly. These look just a touch thicker than ones I buy, but have the same pale color.

            1. Oh! I buy those at the Asian grocery here, but I don't even know what they are called! They are sold refrigerated.... shoot I don't have any in my freezer either.

              1. Chinese thick noodles (粗麵), sometimes called "Shanghai noodles" as others have noted.

                Made from wheat and water (no eggs).

                1. i also have a question about this specific sort of noodle. it's fine, yellow and chewy. surely it must be Cantonese. the very same kind used in soups at Mak's noodles in Hong Kong. what it looks like:

                  in HK at Mak's: http://saudades.proboards.com/index.c...

                  in Macau: http://saudades.proboards.com/index.c...


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                      Wonton noodles are usually much finer, rather like angel hair (only with much better texture).

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                      Those look like what this site calls Hong-Kong Style Noodles.


                      I've bought these fresh noodles in local Asian stores, but they labelled as Shanghai noodles even though they are cut much thinner.

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                        omg, who would have thought identifying noodles would be so mind boggling lol. i'm always trying to find this kind of noodle [i live in food hell, mind!] and every time i'm disappointed. it comes down to the chewiness.

                        thanks everyone! [dreaming about Mak's beef brisket noodle soup...]

                    3. Funny. I guess these are Shanghai noodles, but I must admit that most Shanghai noodles I have encountered are much thicker and less pliable than these noodles appear to be.

                      Could they be some variant of magic noodles, the noodles that are pulled by hand?

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                      1. At first, I was going to suggest they were lo mein noodles, however, lo mein noodles around my parts tend to me more squarish than round......my answer is they are not Asian noodles at all, but spaghetti.

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                          Spaghetti is a reasonable thought. But looking at the noodles, they occasionally have a squarish edge. This goes against a machine made round spaghetti noodle.

                        2. Shanghai style coarse noodles have a rectangular cross section. These look more square-ish in cross-section to me. It could be e-fu noodles or perhaps just regular egg and wheat noodles.

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                            Doubtful that they're egg noodles...they wouldn't be so white. I still think they look more like shanghai noodles. I've frequently seen (and have bought) Shanghai noodles and they come as pictured or in wider width. They don't have egg in them...just flour & water.

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                              I was wondering, as they look a little yellowish to me, but that could just be the colour settings on my monitor.

                              The slightly rectangular cross section is what is more distinctive in Shanghainese noodles and they can be a wider than pictured. Hard to judge the cross-section from the image, but if they're more spaghetti like I would rule out the traditional Shanghainese noodles.

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                              "Shanghai style coarse noodles have a rectangular cross section."


                              Sometimes, but not always.

                            3. what's the difference between shanghai noodles and udon?

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                                  shanghai noodles have a much chewier, almost gummy texture compared to udon noodles, which are generally softer and more easily broken.

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                                    sounds good - anyone know who serves them best in nyc - manhattan?