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Aug 14, 2009 06:57 PM

Taiwanese in Dallas

Where can I find it?

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  1. they do sushi & Taiwanese. Legacy & 75 Plano

    1. Genroku on Greenville. Most go for the cheap sushi.

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      1. re: simply_victoria

        It is interesting that both Tiawanese places serve sushi as well. I personally think that Umeko is better food overall. The sushi is okay at both places. Not wanting to sound like a Iron chef judge mind you, but the food is a bit "oily" tasting at Genroku.

      2. Our favorite is Umeko, but I know many natives like

        -Taiwan Cafe

        -Ay Chung (Taipei Express

        -For Hakka, a Taiwanese couple I knew stick to this place (we thought the food was awful, but we ordered from the menu!) I need to go back with a Taiwanese person.

        -King's Noodle (across from FCB in Richardson
        )Their dry noodle is very similar to what I had in Taipei a long time ago.

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        1. re: kuidaore

          I do really like the pork chops at Taiwan cafe. The tofu with pork at Umeko is great as well as the braised short ribs.

          1. re: irodguy

            Our favorites are Shredded Pork w/ Dry Bean Curd (the same as your tofu w/ pork?), Minced Pork w/ Bean Curd & Hot Peppers and Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs (your braised short ribs?) In fact, all their shredded pork dishes are very good. (Twice Cooked Pork wasn't very good.) I've been wanting to try their lamb dishes.
            Got to try the pork chops at Taiwan Cafe to see if those beat Maxim's.

            1. re: kuidaore

              Think I was referring to the minced pork with bean curd & hot peppers. Yes the sweet and sour short rib is the braised rib. It braised in the sweet and sour sauce according to their chef.

              1. re: irodguy

                The chef tried to convert the spare ribs into Americanized sweet & sour pork last year. We complained! I think other people complained, too, and he's back to the old spare ribs.
                Did you notice the Minced Pork w/ Bean Curd & Hot Peppers isn't as spicy as it used to? The spiciness greatly varies, depending on the day and also sometimes you get a lot more green onions than pork! We always mix this dish with the Shredded Pork w/ Dry Bean Curd. Their shredded pork w/ burdock roots (gobo) is also pretty good, more subtle flavor, possibly bland for some people.

                1. re: kuidaore

                  I will bare that in mind, I really like the dried bean curd as well. I has not noticed pork with burdock. Is this using pickled burdock or fresh?

                  1. re: irodguy

                    I don't think it's pickled. It really doesn't have any flavor. The dish is P6 under Pork & Lamb. Minced pork... is somehow listed under Vegetables.

          2. re: kuidaore

            King's noodle is our favorite. Umeko and Genroku are both good for the Taiwanese dishes (I would not recommend the sushi or other Japanese dishes).

          3. Several visits now (based mostly on posts on this thread, thanks!) and I'm really enjoying Umeko.

            The Minced Pork w/ Bean Curd & Hot Peppers (and baby green beans?) is my favorite so far. Everything is cut to the same fine dice and was perfect cooked. Maybe the only flaw was that almost all of the heat was in the peppers instead of percolating throughout the dish (like a sichuan chili oil dish might). So instead of pervasive heat it came in bursts from the peppers.

            Tried Fried Rice Noodles which came with shitake mushrooms, some veggies and pork. Tasty but I prefer Thai maifun noodles or Korean chap chae for this sort of flavor profile.

            Also tried the Beef Fried Noodles which is basically lo mein as near as I could tell. Tasted fine and cooked well.

            Kung Pao Beef tasted like... Kung Pao Beef. The meat was tender and not excessively chewy, which is how I remember other bad beef at mediocre Chinese places. Not really any heat unfortunately unless you like chewing on dried peppers.

            Sesame Chicken was your standard sweet and savory batter fried dish. Not really my thing (I didn't order it) and heavier on the batter than I like. I've had sesame <insert protein> where it's not battered and that's been a far superior preparation in my opinion. As a rule, don't order dishes that also appear on a Panda Express menu (unless you want Panda Express).

            Three Cup Flavors Chicken was interesting. Basically about half a hacked up chicken served in a small pot, heavily seasoned with Asian spices. A little bony to eat but good flavors.

            Ribs were good although not even close to the dum sum ribs at Kirin Court. Portions seemed a bit smaller compared to the rest of the dishes I've tried.

            Plan on working my way through most of the menu although some of the more exotic sounding offerings are staring me down. I get the feeling 'spicy' at Umeko doesn't mean much more than a handful of peppers added at the end of the cooking. I guess there's Little Sichuan for that in the same parking lot.

            Oh, and service and communication at Umeko has been great as well. It doesn't make or break a place for me but it's a good bonus. You can try some of the dinner entrees at lunch special prices as well.

            I've been to King's Noodle a few times now and the dishes haven't really grabbed me (well they're cheap). I feel like I'd rather get some Korean or Vietnamese noodle dishes instead after each of my visits. I've had some good Chinese noodles at shops in NYC (also dirt cheap) but I can't seem to find anything similar around Dallas.

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            1. re: amokscience

              I like the difference flavors that Kings offers, and the simplicty of the noodles. However, you really should start with their Za Jiang Mein.

              1. re: DallasDude

                Yeah, the zha jiang mein is very good there.

                1. re: air

                  Heh, we're gonna go back and forth =)

                  It wasn't bad but I vastly prefer the Korean versions I've had in the past, though I haven't had it in any Dallas restaurant that I recall. The texture of the noodles was good though. Willing to give King's a couple more tries since it's so cheap but I'm not holding out much hope right now.

                  Though that reminds me... my American co-workers are weird. We went to King's Noodles and I was the only one ordering noodles. We go to Umeko and they want to order sushi. We go to any Asian place and they want individual meals instead of family style (which is the entire reason I take them along) ... Someone hand me a bat. At least I've gotten most of them to like the tamer Vietnamese food.

                  1. re: amokscience

                    Recently managed to wrangle up a work crowd and eat family style finally. Just declared that we weren't eating at Umeko unless we split the bill and everyone ordered one item. Seemed to work and hope we'll be going back as a group.

                    Taiwanese Smoked Duck - it's served cold with pickled veggies and a sweetish dipping sauce. I don't really like this style, plus duck is hard to work through.
                    Pork Fried Udon Noodles - surprised me with how good this was. I'd order it again.
                    Shrimp Fried Rice - comes with egg over it and it's sauced with ketchup/tomato sauce. I grew up occasionally eating something like this and don't care for it but the rest of the table managed to clear it out.
                    Sesame Chicken - I guess you always need a safety item.
                    Minced Pork With Bean Curd & Hot Peppers - Terrific like usual. Favorite at the table.
                    Tofu with Black Bean Sauce - Good tofu dish. Also had some ground up meat (pork?) and mushrooms

                    On other visits I've also had:

                    Special Pork over Rice - Basically a pork chop over rice, pretty simple but good.
                    Fried Noodles (Pork/Chicken) - A filling order of lo mein.
                    Mustard Green with Soy Bean & Dry Bean Curd - A heaping helping of veggies. If you like veggies this one is good and filling.

                    I tried some cheap Chinese takeout for comparison and I'd rather eat at Umeko 10 out of 10 times.

              2. re: amokscience

                Another fan of The Minced Pork w/ Bean Curd & Hot Peppers at Umeko! We've been eating that dish for over 2 yrs, and the spiciness varies a lot every time. Also, how much green onions are in it--sometimes you get more green onions than the pork.

                We took someone there last time and he ordered Crispy Shrimp w/ Hot Pepper. It was very good--a pleasant surprise.

                My SO likes Five Flavored Squid. Some of our companions also liked Bitter Melon w/ Spare Ribs. I didn't like duck tongue, but I don't like duck in general.
                Pls let us know if you find other good dishes on their menu.

              3. Mama Chen at Custer and Parker.
                It's in the shop houses next to an aquarium store.
                Authentic Taiwanese food