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Aug 14, 2009 06:54 PM

Sonic is coming!

Massachusetts is getting its first Sonic very shortly. What's good, what's bad, and is it worth waiting for hours when it first opens?

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  1. The beverages are great. Limeade everything, slushies, shakes.

    If you get a hamburger or breakfast sandwich, get it on Texas Toast. Nothing is horrid, but nothing is craveable...except maybe tots,since I can't seem to get them unless I buy and cook myself.

    Not worth the wait during the day when it first opens. We had a queue of 60+ cars in the staging area the third Sunday. It will be open at 0530 and there won't be a staging area needed until about 10 a.m. about 4 weeks after opening. When it is so terribly busy, things take time to cook and everyone is frazzled.

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    1. re: Cathy

      Cathy's right: Beverages are good to great, but NOT worth the crazy lines that i'm hearing a Sonic gets when they open a new one.

      The food's bland and greasy, really good "kid friendly" type of stuff. There's more than a few in Vegas, and I only go when the line's reasonable and to get a limeaide or slushie.

    2. IMO there is nothing worth waiting for at Sonic.....let the new wear off...then go and see for yourself.

      Have Fun!

      1. The less people there are, the better chance you have to get what you ordered the way you ordered it, so if there is a wait for a place to park, keep on driving and come back another day. Avoid anything that is not a burger or a coney. If you can withstand the nutritional impact, and the food prep stars are aligned properly, a supersonic cheeseburger with mustard can be a glorious thing. It goes down well with a cherry limeade or a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper.

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        1. re: Velvet Elvis

          I disagree. I don't ever order a burger at Sonic. My preference is for grilled cheese or their crispy chicken sandwich on texas toast. In this area they offer things like Frito pies which are also good.

          I agree on the limeades and I love a pineapple malt on occasion.

        2. The drinks served over crushed ice in foam cups (bad for envirnoment of course) is what most people I know go for. The heart attack in a sac food is mediocre at best. I will eat just about anywhere but Sonic. The ones around KC have a 99 cent drink Happy Hour daily from 1-4pm which is nice for the Route 44 size drinks. Don't wait for more than 5 minutes for anything at Sonic or you will kick yourself.

          1. They came to Des Moines a few years ago. A couple have survived in the burbs, but the last one in the city was leveled last month.
            I ate there shortly after they came here. I don't remember what I had or how it was,
            For what it's worth.