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Aug 14, 2009 06:28 PM

Trader Joe's Puff Pastry... a Seasonal Item

For the past month or so, TJ's has been out of their puff pastry. I asked someone today if it was discontinued, and was told it is a seasonal item. Really?? In case anyone is curious, it should be back sometime in the fall.

When I think seasonal, I think "in season." Hmmm....

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  1. I was told the same thing this summer (Pittsburgh store). Now the pie crust is back but no pastry. The wonderful staff told me they would not be getting this item in again. I emailed a query to TJ corporate asking if this item is discontinued but did not receive a response. Can anyone get this anywhere? I will drive to get it. It is fabulous.

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    1. re: Lebo_cook

      I purchased what I'd be willing to bet is basically the same item at my local Aldi last week.

      1. re: Emm

        Thanks, it is about as close as you can get without actually being the buttery thing. I bought and used it today with great success.

      2. re: Lebo_cook

        I e-mailed them and they told me they discontinued it. I'm bummed. It was my favorite thing there and the reason I'd make a special stop. The person at the store told me it was all economics and people weren't buying it.

      3. I found it today at their Redding, CA store after looking for months and months and figuring it was probably gone for good. Must indeed be a "seasonal (holiday?)" item. Don't know why, because it's frozen, it keeps, and it can certainly be used year-round. Better believe that I stocked up!

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        1. re: millvillemurphs

          this is the best news i've gotten in months!!!!!! i'm feeling serious tj puff pastry love and joy right now. confirmed it with my "joe's" and i'm cleaning out the freezer right now! thank you, thank you millvillemurphs!

          1. re: millvillemurphs

            I saw it yesterday at the Arlington, MA TJs as well. I thought it was gone for good. I'll need to stock up.

            As far as "seasonal" products are concerned, last summer when I was looking for and could not find a packet of yeast at TJs, something I had bought there many times before, I was told that yeast is a seasonal product sold only in the Fall and Winter. I guess you're not supposed to make bread and/or pizza in July. Who knew?

            1. re: skippy66

              I live in MA too, and am on the TJ's e-mail list. I received one today promoting both their frozen pice crust and puff pastry. Yippee! I think I recall that the crust disappeared for a while and came back an inferior product. I tried the first generation of the crust, which I thought was too thick, and never tried the replacement. I just used the last sheet of puff pastry, which was bought a couple of years ago....fingers crossed this year's edition is as good as it used to be, and that they'll also resurrect the whole grain chocolate chip mini bites and the pomegranate glaze, while they're at it !!!

              1. re: greygarious

                i have test driven the puff, and believe it to be the same formulation as previously. huzzah! the pie crust did undergo a rehaul, and while i have gotten used to it, and devised a few tricks to deal with its more flaky consistency, i did prefer the old formula. having it rolled in flat disks rather than rolled and folded is a bit of a plus for some, i guess. i dont mind rolling to mend any cracks. in fact, i think the rolling pin on the counter, sprinkled with a little flour adds---errrr-- a certain "air of authenticity" to using the dough!

                1. re: chez cherie

                  This is good news. I got the same e-mail as Greygarious and was curious so I posted a query in the other TJ's thread...

          2. Long live Chowhound! I was cruising restaurant reviews, and saw this thread. I have been mourning the loss of TJ's puff pastry for 18 months. I mentioned it once to the management, but didn't write in. (Thanks to those of you who did.) After reading word of its return to other locations, I called my local Trader Joe's. It's back in Fairfax, Va!!!! Hooray! I would not have even looked if it hadn't been for this thread, so thanks to all of you for making it pop up on the website.

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            1. re: teachertalk

              Get there fast. I just bought four boxes from the Springfield store and the cashier told me they're flying off the shelves. He asked me what I made with them and I started with strudel, mushroom, steak and cheese, beef wellington, went on with appetizers, desserts. I told him I'd be back in a few days for more.

              1. re: chowser

                Chowser made me do it! With threats of hail and thunderstorms, I went to the Ffx TJs to get some puff pastry, before the hoards arrived. Speaking of hoard--they had 25 or 30 packages, and I bought 11!! Yes, that's a bit too much, but it should last awhile, and I was desperate. Thank you, Chowhounders, for sending me out. The hail waited until I was home with my booty.

                1. re: teachertalk

                  11 boxes is not too much. it's barely enough. my weekend project is to clear out both freezers, to make room. joe is threatening to make this seasonal, which means it will disappear like a dried out christmas tree in january. the puff is the best i've ever used, and the price is terrific. nearly the same as the non-butter, folded like a letter stuff at the regular grocery store. i'm such a fan that the clerks at my joe's let me know it was coming back a week ahead of time, and i did a happy dance in the aisle...but i'm an addict.

            2. I picked up a box yesterday at the West LA store. The price sign had a little sticker on it announcing it as "New!" I usually don't cruise the frozen aisle at TJ's, so I had never seen it before. I checked the ingredients, positive that it would be chock full of additives and preservatives. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it contained only flour, butter, salt and sugar. If it is as good as everybody is raving about, I guess I'll have to stock up, too.

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              1. re: LaPomme

                That's the reason I bought it--because the ingredients are what I'd use if I made it at home. This is so convenient and you don't have to plan a day in advance, like you do when you make it yourself. It's far less expensive than Dufour.