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Aug 14, 2009 05:46 PM

Hong Kong Market Coming to Malden - Super 88 Location

I went shopping at Super 88 in Malden on Thursday night and it the least amount of food ever. For example, no rice and no tofu.

I went back Friday night to see if things were any better. No better inside.

However, in the front window was a sign that said, "Hong Kong Market Coming Soon".

Hopefully it comes soon and hopefully it is much better than Super 88.

BTW when it H-mart coming? We need it desperately as there are no good asian markets in Boston!

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  1. "there are no good asian markets in Boston!" Have you been to C-Mart or any of the other places in Chinatown or the South End?

    1. speaking of, any word on Kotobukiya (formerly of Porter Exchange) opening in Everett or Malden or wherever they were looking?

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      1. re: enhF94

        It is supposed to open in Everett. Hopefully they will have the funds to open as this is a very tough time to get loans.

        Striperguy - sorry for my exaggeration. Maybe there are a few good Asian markets. However, many good ones have closed in the last few years and we could definately use a few new good ones.

        1. re: debidokun

          I think there is some turnover for sure but with the new large one in the SE and the one in the same parking structure building as Hei La Moon, the downtown scene is vital and perhaps better than ever.

          1. re: StriperGuy

            what markets are you referring to?
            ... in the SE
   to Hei La Moon

            1. re: theparegorickid

              C-Mart. There's a new, much larger C-Mart in Herald Sq (the old 88 market), and then a medium sized C-Mart on the opposite side of Hei La Moon.

        2. re: enhF94

          Do you mean?

          The latest as of last weekend is they had a color photocopy sign in the window (and I assume the Common Victuallers License went through) and the space slightly organized, but no products on the shelves.

          While the Super88 is undergoing changes, how about frequenting the SE Asian market in Main Street? Not the same selection, but they have a number of things they do well. China Merchandise in Burlington, J&K Han in North Cambridge? Markets in Lynn, Chelsea. Captain Boston or New Deal for Sashimi (there also is a caterer in Everett, which changed names but I think is still operating). Driving once a month to Kam Man. There are local businesses convenient to most of us, worth supporting... and still going to be convenient when H-mart comes if they stay in business.

          1. re: itaunas

            I live in Malden and thus Super 88 is WAS very convenient for me. When they actually had product in the store! I hope that Hong Kong Market will also be good, only time will tell. Will it really open and will they have the $ to stock the store.

            I also hope that Ebisuya opens and is well stocked. It also will be in walking distance from my house.

            However, for large purchases, I am really looking forward to H-mart opening. It should definately be well stocked and the prices and quality should be excellent.

            Only time will tell on all 3 matters.

            1. re: itaunas

              I'd be very surprised if China Merchandise can hang on once H-Mart opens. I shopped there a lot when it was where the Burlington Shaw's now is, less often in the current location, which is so cramped as to be difficult. Too bad - the people who run it have always been friendly and helpful to me.

              1. re: greygarious

                I agree. I've shopped at China Merchandise for years and in that time they've become more of an Indian market. I've seen the number of Asian products decrease (especially the Indonesian) and Indian products take over >half the store. Maybe if they covert to 100% Indian, they can maintain a niche with HMart coming in.

                1. re: greygarious

                  agree about CM. The people there are so nice and I love being able to get paneer or Indian snacks but the Chinese product section is getting slim. Its a pain to shop there with the kids too. I remember trying to maneuver a small fold up stroller and it was almost impossible.

            2. Update - I went by Super 88 today and it stilll says "Hong Kong Market Coming Soon". However, it appears that the switch over has already take place.

              I reported that on Thursday there was no rice and no tofu. Well today there was lots of rice and tofu. Also there were many pallets of food waiting to be stocked.

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              1. re: debidokun

                Went by again today.

                Bags say, "Hong Kong Market"

                More importantly more and more food being put onto the shelves.

                This is good news!

                1. re: debidokun

                  Does anyone know if the re-named Super 88's are now owned part of a chain with the Hong Kong Market that is in Lowell? Or are they entirely separate? If the latter, are they under new ownership or has Super 88 re-organized and renamed itself?

                  It will be interesting to see how this plays out. It takes about the same amount of time for me to get to the Allston Super 88 as it does to H-Mart... but the H-Mart certainly has a lot easier parking... I wonder how the inventories will compare!

                  1. re: PinchOfSalt

                    I just wondered about that, too. The Hong Kong Market people in Lowell bought out my favorite little Cambodian restaurant (across the street) and made it into a catering-only establishment for events. The HK market is heavily weighted toward Cambodian/Lao/Thai products.

                    1. re: Dinsdale45

                      So far have not seen any Cambodian/Lao/Thai products. All the new products I have seen appear Chinese.

                      The bags say "Hong Kong Market" but do not have an address or phone number or such and thus I can not tell if it is part of any other company or not.

                    2. re: PinchOfSalt

                      i don't know about super 88's possible connection to hong kong market but i doubt the two hong kong markets are related. the one in lowell is a se market and they're not usually part of a chain. i've never seen more than one location for any se asian market in boston

                      1. re: galangatron

                        Yeah, I doubt it too, but the only reason I wondered about it is because the people that own the Lowell market apparently have some money. They branched out with the catering place and I'm pretty sure they own a few businesses around Lowell.

                        1. re: galangatron

                          Hmmm, i kinda counted Super 88 as a southeast Asian grocery that also gave a nod to China, more than the other way around. In contrast, C-Mart, Kam Man, and Mings are definitely more China-centric than Super 88 was, at least in my book. Not to start a big debate; just noting how two people can have such different perceptions of the same thing.

                          1. re: PinchOfSalt

                            Super 88's roots though are in Cheung Kwong market on Essex St (I think that still exists..), which is most definitely a Chinese market. The Luu family is ethnically Chinese but born in Vietnamese (at least the older generation), so there is a heavy SEA influence in their markets (especially Vietnamese). When they expanded, I sense they wanted to rival the larger pan-Asian chains that were more prominent in CA and elsewhere, but the whole business started out definitely as a more traditional Chinese market.

                  2. The original comment has been removed