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Aug 14, 2009 05:22 PM

London - Family Restaurant Suggestions

Hi Everyone

The wife and I will be in London for a couple of days with two children in tow (5 & 7). Looking for a great place to eat that will cater to the foodies in us and the fish fingers in our kids. Thanks.

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  1. Depending on what area you are in, you could try Canteen (in Spitalfields or the South Bank). Pretty good British cooking (pies, bangers and mash) and options for the kids - fish and chips etc. There are certianly better places for food but would be pretty good for kids.

    1. Boxwood Cafe has come up before as a suggestion. It is a Gordon Ramsay offering in Knightsbridge with a children's menu that bills itself as child friendly. 3/5 stards from Time Out, so perhaps not the best out there, but kid friendly and is okay.

      Locanda Locatelli is also reasonably child friendly (I've seen a couple when I've been there), not sure they have a children's menu, so you might want to telephone. Good Italian food.

      My nieces have been taken to Roussillon, but I'm not sure they still offer their children's menu, and I've not been myself, but there have been posts on the board.

      You might try going through some of the recent suggestions, and then checking on Time Out if they're listed as child welcome/child menu and then telephone or email to book and make sure.

      1. Thanks so much for these suggestions. We'll check them out!