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Aug 14, 2009 04:22 PM

2 Nights in Vegas

Group. We will be in Vegas for Thur. and Fri. nights at the end of the month and wanted some recommendations for Italian and Steakhouse dinners. We have been to Pieros and Stratta for Italian, and Craft, Lawrys, Golden Steer and SW Steakhouse previously. We are big believers in trying new places while in Vegas as the food scene is so immense.
We are willing to spend up to 100 pp prior to beverage charges.
On a side note, at that price are we missing a better opportunity at say a tasting menu? The only twist is that we are from the Pacific Northwest so seafood is of zero importance to us as we get that here already.
Thanks for any input and happy eating.

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  1. Both Alex and Guy Savoy have prix fix menus which will come in at less than $100 pp before beverages. These are two of the best restaurants in town and these are opportunities not to miss. This addresses your "side note".

    I'd stick with Wynn for Italian. Both Bartolotta and Sinatra are outstanding. Bartolotta is seafood focused so you may want to try Sinatra.

    I've had good meals at B&B but also some not-so-good. I wouldn't risk it. On the more casual side is Enoteca San Marco which has delivered for me on a couple occasions now without the huge price tag.

    For steak, I love CUT. They seem to deliver on all levels (apps, bread, steak variety, desserts, service, ambiance). I don't see you going wrong here.

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      Thanks for the tip on Batali restaurants which I didn't realize existed in Vegas. I loved Babbo in NYC many years ago. Enoteca San Marco seems like we could stick to a budget which is most important to our decision making next week.

    2. I suggest leaving the strip for a true Chowhound destination: Rosemary's. Incredible find that locals worship. A recent visit confirmed their ador is well founded.

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        $30 cab ride to get to a locals venue. Are you groovingourmet with a pseudonym? Good place but most people who come to Vegas come to enjoy the Strip/celeb chef venues. Leave Rosemary's for the locals who are "above all that". In addition, if you are going to be on that side of town, in my not real humble opinion, Vintner Grill is as good if not better than the venerable Rosemary's.

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          It's our first trip to Vegas, but we have a rental car and Rosemary's is offering 50% off total food bill for ladies every Wednesday...and we can't afford eating chow-worthy food on-Strip despite staying at one of the top hotels there. Plus Costco is offering $100 gift cards for $80 at Rosemary's.

          1. re: Food Tourist

            Oh but you can afford to eat Chowworthy on the Strip. Check out Taste of Wynn, MGM summer specials, Venetian/Palazzo pre-show specials to name a few. Rosemary's is a great local venue and a good value. It is by no means a reason for someone staying on the Strip to drive across town. There are so many better options amongst you that these days are not any more costly than Rosemary's. Got something to say groovin'?

        2. re: Leper

          Count me as another person who isn't as impressed by Rosemary's. It's funny -- in a way, I feel bad about not liking Rosemary's more than I do. My impression is that Rosemary's was once a top dining spot in Las Vegas -- but that was when Las Vegas was a culinary desert. Now, Rosemary's is a place I'd go to if I lived nearby. It has very good food, and costs less than an equivalent restaurant on the Strip, but there are far better restaurants, and the distance from the Strip makes it much less attractive for a tourist.

        3. If you are coming at the end of the month then you should take into consideration "Restaurant Week" which benefits Three Square. Check out:

          You can get great prix fixe prices at fabulous restaurants and support a worthy cause.

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          1. re: BadtzMaroo

            Great call on the three square but unfortunately we will be there one week early. Thanks to all have supplied input.

          2. I have to say Cut is the best steakhouse in Vegas. I'm always impressed each time I dine there.

            You could always try carnevino for an italian steak house. It's a Batali restaurant I haven't been since it opened but have been planning a trip back.