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Aug 14, 2009 03:58 PM

Craving for Banh Bao (vietnamese steamed bun) in Vancover!

hey gang,

So, I'm visiting Vancouver (again!) this year for a week's vacation. I think I've got most of my foodie itinerary down, including Sun Sui Wah and/or Sea Harbour Seafood for dim sum, Pho Thai Hoa on Kingsway for good Vietnamese, and Meok Ja Gol for authentic Korean charcoal BBQ, to name a few.

What I'm hoping is that some native vancouverites can help me find a place for a good Banh Bao, or vietnamese steamed bun. For those unfamiliar, banh bao is like the chinese char siu bao, the steamed bund with the BBQ pork cutlets inside. Banh bao has the same chewy, spongy rice cake exterior, but inside it has minced pork and onion, "lap cheong" or chinese hard sausage, and often a half a boiled egg or a full quail egg.

So, has anyone seen such a beast, and where? I am definitely cruising Tung Hing Vietnamese Bakery to see if they have it (and get some of their legendary banh mi dac biet sandwiches), and I've also heard alot of good things about New Town (but I don't think they'd have banh bao being an traditionally chinese bakery) but if anyone has any other suggestions I'd love to hear it!

Oh, here's a pic of the banh bao's delicious interior:

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  1. Chong Lee Market on Rupert and 22nd has it in their front deli counter:

    They might also have it at Kingsway Deli, beside Tung Hing... There's also a vietnamese deli on Kingsway and Knight (very close to the intersection) which has it too. It's across the street from Hut of Dosas.

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      >>"There's also a vietnamese deli on Kingsway and Knight (very close to the intersection) which has it too. It's across the street from Hut of Dosas."

      That place is called Thu Hien - a pretty nice little Vietnamese Deli. I might pop in the next few days...I'll have a look to see if they have it.

      Maybe Tung Hing?

      1. re: fmed

        Thinking about Tung Hing, I vaguely remember they having a glass steamer/display case with those buns in it...but I might be confusing it with some other place. I just bought a Chinese version ("dai bow" aka big bun) at Crystall Mall from Pine House in the bottom level in where all the produce places are.

      2. re: flowbee

        Excellent! I went to Kingsway Deli the last trip and I didn't check for the banh bao there. Now I'll have definitely hit them up.

        Thanks for the tip on Pine House as well. I was going to go to Crystall Mall to get the oft-blogged about (and fmed recommended!) "best xiao long bao in all of Greater Vancouver" at Wang's. Yes, I was going to travel to Burnaby just for that. But now I have a new excuse :)