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Aug 14, 2009 03:48 PM

Fresh Figs - Who's Got 'Em?

It is , I'm pretty sure, fig season. And yet there are none at the farmers' markets I frequent and Whole Paycheck only has some shipped in from California at outrageous expense. Where can I get my hands on some nice juicy figs?

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  1. Figs on my tree are not ripe yet . . . .

    1. Come visit my backyard in Oregon, one tree is in full production and another coming behind it. Tons of green smaller figs on the tree, this will be the biggest year yet.

      Going to have to make fig jam or figure out how to dry them. Been dumping them on the neigbhors but they are going to call halt pretty soon.

      1. I saw them at H Mart and Trader Joe's in Gaithersburg last weekend.

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          The Trader Joe's in Columbia had them yesterday, too. Just tiny ones on my
          tree darn it, I think it was partly due to the cool weather we had a couple
          weeks ago. I bet they don't ripen in time.

        2. I got some at Country Boy market in Glenmont (GA Ave and Randolph Rd) yesterday. Yum!

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            The veg stand in the Belvedere Mkt in Balto usually has decent ones

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              Magrugers on Conn. Ave. had them last season, haven't checked recently though.

          2. A vendor at the farmers market in Alexandria had them as far back as July 4 weekend. Balduccis in Alex. also has them when they are in season but I was there yesterday and didn't see them.