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Aug 14, 2009 03:18 PM


These are my current reservations for labor day weekend. I arrive late saturday and leave late monday.

Friday Dinner GW FINs
Sat Brunch Commanders
Sat. Dinner Cuvee
Sun Brunch Muriels
Sun Dinner __________?
Mon Lunch___________?

Im staying at monteleone. I want to be in 10 min walk or 15 min cab ride radius.
I would like a casual dinner on Sunday.
I would like a casual/get drunk place for lunch monday.
For monday i was thinking Felix or Acme but most reviews here suck. Any suggestions of something similar would be appreciated.
Sunday, i have no idea. Up for anything.
I would like to remain casual (jeans, no jacket, laid back)

If im making a horrible mistake on any of the above that ive already reserved, please let me know.

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  1. Your current choices look pretty good. For Sunday dinner you could try
    Mandinas. They have Italian-Creole comfort food and are one of my favorite restaurants. For Monday lunch, in lieu of either Felix's or Acme, try Casamentos Uptown. They are closed during June, July and August, and will be reopen in September. IMHO this is THE place for oysters in any form. If you wanted to try something besides oysters, you could try Port of Call for lunch on Monday. HUGE burgers and the Monsoon. If you are looking for a strong cocktail, check this out. Best of luck!

    1. Sunday, you might head to Luke and belly up their bar for some great grub and grog.
      Monday, head across the street to Mr. B's and belly up to their bar for a burger, bbq shrimp, and enjoy their libations.

      1. Thanks Scarlett and Edible.
        I put Mr. B and Casamentos on my list for now. Those names popped up alot during my research. Mandinas looks good too.

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          Mr B's is a great spot for BBQ Shrimp (I also prefer to sit at the bar) Let us know how everything ends up!

          1. re: SMILINDAVE

            check out Cochon and Rambla for casual eats, where you could sit at the bar.

          2. FYI everyone, Casamentos not opening until september 14th.
            Cochon looks pretty good.. especially RABBIT AND DUMPLINGS!!!!!! I gotta try that!!

            1. ??? Cochons closed sunday and monday for labor day. That only leaves friday and saturday. Should i cancel GW fins and replace with Cochon????

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