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Aug 14, 2009 02:16 PM

Are kosher meats considered organic?

I understand that organic meats may not be kosher but are kosher meats, more or less, considered organic?

I have no knowledge in this area and would appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

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  1. nope. though you can find kosher, organic meat, they're two completely different certifications.

    1. Not at all related. Kosher certification for meat is based on how the animal is slaughtered and processed, while organic certification is based on how the animal is raised.

      1. To elaborate slightly, 'organic' is a label that means that the animal was raised following certain rules, such as not feeding them certain things (other animal byproducts, mostly), or giving them antibiotics to make them grow faster. 'Kosher' means that the slaughter and processing of the meat was done according to certain rules, and that the meat came from a kosher type of animal (eg cows, sheep). The two address different steps in the process of getting meat to your table, and are totally unrelated.

        On posting, I see that Ruth got there first - sorry.

        1. All meat is organic, as is all food except salt and water. What is marketed as "organic" is an enormous scam; it is no more organic than anything else, and there is no evidence whatsoever that it's any healthier than other food.