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Chowhound Geniuses -- a true dessert challenge

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Sunday, we are going to a potluck that requires everything be homemade. I'm told this gets a little competitive. Since it's up the coast a bit, DH and I are making a weekend of it. Our hotel room has a fridge, so I want to make this Saturday morning.

Here's the other wrinkle, I have a quart of blueberries (yes, a quart) and a whole pineapple that I really want to use up or they'll have to be thrown out by the time we get back.

Barring cheesecake (DH doesn't eat it), do you know any recipes that can impress some snooty foodies and that utilize gads of blueberries and pineapple and are good chilled overnight?

Am I smoking crack trying to get both of these fruits into one dish?

If anyone can come up with something, I know you guys can. This is my first stop for all things food related.


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  1. "Am I smoking crack trying to get both of these fruits into one dish? "
    not at all!

    first thoughts (though you'd need a well-equipped kitchen to make them):
    - pineapple upside-down cake topped with blueberry sauce
    - pineapple sorbet with blueberry sauce
    - blueberry cobbler, crumble or bread pudding with roasted pineapple compote
    - blueberry

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      FWIW, First thought was David Lebovitz pina colada sherbet and some kind of blueberry cobbler/crumble. both are easy to do.

    2. Pavlova...topped with your fruit.

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        I thought pavlova as well. Make the meringue in advance, then whip the cream and assemble at the last minute.

      2. I'd go with a "crepe cake." If you make crepe, do a whoooooole bunch of them. Then peel, dice and chop the pineapple in a food processor, combine with sugar and cook down to almost a pineapple jam state. You don't want it too chunky or it will make the finished cake lumpy and messy. Let it cool a bit, then assemble the cake using the pineapple jam between layers. You start by placing the first crepe on a presentation plate, then slather with the pineapple and top with the next crepe and continue until you have the height you want. Don't use too much pineapple between the layers; a little goes a long way. I'd shoot for between 12 and 20 crepes stacked with the pineapple between each layer. The larger the diameter you can make the crepes the bigger the cake. Assemble ahead of time. Cover loosely with plastic wrap. It's ready to travel and will keep in the fridge just fine. Put the blueberries in a leak proof plastic container, add a shot or two of a sweet "berry-ish" liqueur such as Framboise, a bit of extra sugar, and let them macerate until serving time. When you're ready to serve (bring along a shaker of powdered sugar) uncover the cake, sprinkle liberally with powdered sugar, then slice crepe cake in thin wedges (it will be rich!) and top with a spoonful or two of the drunken blueberries. Have fun!

        For the record, it is the high egg content of traditional crepes that keeps this cake from getting soggy the way regular pancakes would. Tons of good traditional crepe recipes on the web if you don't already have a favorite.

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          this sounds so good! both pineapple and blueberries also go well with almonds, so you could use amaretto instead of framboise. and then gild the lily with a bit of whipped cream on each serving.

        2. Grilled pineapples and blueberries in a mascarpone trifle. The layers are nice and pretty and it tastes better when the sponge cake (or pound cake) absorbs the cream. And, you can save some fruit to decorate the top right before serving.

          1. Blueberry sorbet and pineapple sorbet juxtaposed would be gorgeous.

            1. Prepare some tart shells and some almond pudding and take them with you in separate containers. Put a layer of blueberries on the bottom, top with almond pudding, and top the pudding with a few bits of chopped of pineapple, encircled with a bead of whipped cream (or pipe on some creme fraiche in place of the whipped cream)

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                This sounds wonderful to me. And easy to transport. All the components should travel well and assembly would be pretty easy.

              2. I'm surprised that no one suggested what I consider one of the most boring dishes on the planet - fruit salad.

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                1. re: souschef

                  VJA asked for desserts. Fruit salad is usually served as a side with a main dish, often pork or poultry.

                  1. re: todao

                    I'm used to fruit salad being served as a dessert, not as a side with a main dish.

                  2. re: souschef

                    Fruit salad? Boring? Souschef, you have never had my fruit salad, which is never boring. ALways made with multiple types of beautiful fruit, and made with a Cointreau/Brandy syrup. Not boring at all. And definitely a dessert.

                    1. re: moh

                      moh, to date I have not had a fruit salad I have liked (including one I had recently that contained whole cherries, pits and all), but I am always open to tryiing one made by you :)

                  3. My favorite grilled cheese is from a hippie restaurant on 41st Ave in Santa Cruz in the 70's: Dr. Buck's Garden Of Eatin'. (from way before the chips of the same name came out)

                    He used Wheatberry bread, good thinly sliced cheddar, added v-e-r-y thinly sliced red onion, and a handful of alfalfa sprouts (hey it was 1972!) grilled on the flattop (with butter) lightly on both sides, it was heaven. Even more so when chowed down with some of his homemade potato chips.

                    I've always wondered what happened to Dr. Buck. But making his grilled cheese makes me want to go barefoot in an Indian print sundress.

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                    1. re: toodie jane

                      I'm confused as to how a grilled cheese sandwich relates to a dessert challenge, but.... Oroweat no longer makes Wheatberry bread,, for which I curse them and will only lift the curse when they bring it back, unchanged and delicious.

                      1. re: Caroline1

                        Tell us more about the curse, please, Caroline :)

                        1. re: souschef

                          Their CEO will grow one new toe a week on each foot until they start making Wheatberry again. Once they do that, his feet will go back to normal. Meanwhile, good luck on lacing up his shoes!

                          1. re: Caroline1

                            Planning to start up your own shoe company (Tootsie Plus?) for people cursed with too many toes ?

                    2. Too late for the party..but, blueberry poundcake with a thick pineapple syrup.

                      Take your fav poundcake recipe and toss in blueberries. Dice pineapple and cook it down with a bit of pineapple or apple juice until you achieve a nice thick syrup. Syrup can be poured over cake or topped on individual slices. You can transport the prepared poundcake and pineapple syrup and assemble at the party. Have fun!

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                        HillJ - LOL! This is almost exactly what i wound up doing. Made a Blueberry Buckle with 1.5 times the berries (and double the topping) and slightly undercooked (makes it very dense and custard-like), then chopped the pineapple to bits, boiled it down with a cup of sugar, a cup of water, a cup of orange juice and some vanilla. Put that in a bowl next to the buckle and watched it disappear. My DH was very proud -- it was the only dessert out of about 15 there that ran out.

                        1. re: VJA

                          Good for you VJA!! What's not to love about blueberries & pineapple! Your quick fix dessert sound good to me!