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Aug 14, 2009 01:35 PM

Cake Decorator..

I'm looking for a recommended cake decrator to come and give a one- off demo to a group of women.. Any suggestions or ideas of names or who i can ask? Wilton werent any help, nor was AC Moore.
I am in Central/ Northern Jersey (exit 136 GSP).

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  1. Wish I were closer or I'd help you out. Why don't you try a local
    culinary school for students...or a local bakery?

    1. Maybe they can point you in the right direction?

      1. Michael's craft store offers cake decorating classes run by Wilton, or they used to, anyway. Maybe look into this?

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          This is off the top of my head...I know I et brochures from Brookdale several times a year and they have a "campus" on Rt 9 by that Bank of America...I know they give cake decorating courses...perhaps you can get in touch with one of those instructors.

        2. Try the Pink Cake Box in Denville. They only do made to order cakes and cupcakes. Don't know if they will do a demo but it's worth a try.

          1. My daughter is a recent graduated of The Culinary Institue of America, with an A.O.S. in Baking & Pastry. She has her own website, "" you can also contact her via email "" Hope this helps...