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Aug 14, 2009 01:35 PM

Local dives in Tampa

I came to "Chowhound" looking for local dives that I had not discovered yet, but you people wouldd stave to death if it wern't for chain stores. Doesn't any body know any local dives ?(dive=scary outside but good cheap food inside that the locals know about and you are just as likely to sit next to a crack whore as a guy in a tie.) Places like Chubbies Pizza in S. Tampa off bay to bay (get the steak bomb loaded) or Cheran's on Hillsborough (great phillys)
to the Taco Bus corner of Hillsboroug and Nebraska. I miss DiPerrio's on Armenia Ave., but thats the kind of place I'm looking for. Any suggestions?? Does any ot there eat REAL FOOD?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Gee, if we're all such dopes, why would you listen to anything we say? I see chains recommended here very rarely.

      But, OK, I'll play. Try BJ's Alabama BBQ on S. Dale Mabry (north of El Prado, south of Bay to Bay, on the west side of the street). I can't promise you a crack whore, but the food is good, old fashioned sides and sweet/spicy BBQ. It's too clean to be a dive, but it isn't fancy.

      See, I'd name more, but why does it have to be "scary outside" to be authentic??

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        Yeah I didn't think CW's ate much anyway lol