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Aug 14, 2009 01:05 PM

My Big 4-0 Birthday party in Toronto - looking for suggestions

I'm also in Toronto and was hoping to get some good suggestions for where to have my big 4-0 party. I am going to have probably around 50-75 people and wanted something semi-private (like a room at a restaraunt), some appitizers, cash bar etc. Somewhere cool and contemporary but where you can still talk. You advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks to everyone and I look forward to your suggestions.


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  1. happy birthday john! when is the big party? month? day of the week? what area of town and are there any price points you are trying to hit?

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    1. re: robgm

      Hey there - thanks for the reply. We are on King West - it is on a Wednesday so will be low key from a 'party perspective'. Budget = tight(ish). Thoughts?

    2. My suggestion is to rent the Thompson Landry Gallery in the Distillery District and get your own caterer. It's a very funky, cool urban space. Perfectly appropriate for a 40th.

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        Sounds pretty cool. Any idea on costs for this venue?

        1. re: Johnisturning40

          Varies. Depends on how long you want it etc. It won't be cheap, but it will be memorable.

      2. You'll be more likely to be able to book on a Wednesday night, I'd think. Maybe try some of the clubs like The Fifth or Spice Route? They're both nice spaces. Food is okay at The Fifth, not sure about Spice Route. You'd only get a semi-private space with either of those I think, as I don't recall seeing actual rooms.

        Other spaces that have a room and to mind would be:
        - Red's
        - Any of the O&B restos: Biff's, Canoe, etc
        - Globe

        but these are more restaurants, so I'm not sure how'd that go. I think a club/bar-space would be more what you have in mind. Depends if the focus is to eat or to drink.

        No idea on costs, you'll have to call around!

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