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Aug 14, 2009 12:34 PM

Sweet Bones- Birmingham

anyone been here- how is it? I've read good and bad reviews on Urbanspoon.. would like some other reviews-thanks

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  1. My husband and I first went to their location at Lee Branch when they were Bone Daddy's. Since the move to the Summit and change in name, I've had food from there twice (both times work functions.)

    I love the brined pork chops. Our server told us they brine the chops in a beer brine over night then grilled. Three times I've had the pork chop, and never been disappointed. I will say a co-worker and his family stopped in for dinner and he reported his chops were overcooked.

    At a catered lunch at work we had the greens (collards I believe), mac and cheese, ribs, chopped pork, and the chicken. They brought in the typical red bbq sauce - has a mild kick to it and a white sauce for the chicken. I like the white sauce from here better than what I've had at Bob Gibsons. The ribs were nice and meaty, though a little dry for my taste. Of the items brought in that day, I had to say the chicken and the greens were the best. I would have liked a more smoky flavor for the pork bbq items.

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      Personal pet peeve...any "bbq" place that doesn't have a chimney (i.e. cook/smoke the bbq on site). The last time I went (which will be the LAST time I went) really good fried pickles. With all of the great bbq we have in this town, especially with the addition of Saw's on Oxmoor, I don't see any reason to go to Sweet Bones.

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        Skippy, what's the rundown on Saw's?

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          It's beside NY Pizza on Oxmoor. Opened by a guy that worked in the test kitchen at Cooking Light magazine. Every time I have ben there, he's there. Hands down most moist pulled pork I have had on a consistent basis. The guy is from NC, so he has a Carolina vinegar-based sauce available, a more traditional thick bbq sauce and a great white sauce he serves on his chicken (I ask for it on the side with the pulled pork plate). Most times when you are standing in line to order (and if you go around lunch time you WILL be standing in line...) you can look through the kitchen out the back door and see the smokers doing their thing in the back of the restaurant.