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Aug 14, 2009 12:29 PM

Southern BBQ in Mississauga! Blue Sage

Came across this place at Eglinton and Tomken..they've been open a couple of years but just switched to a pure southern BBQ menu..the owner was a really nice guy and told me about his smoker. He uses three types of wood, apple cedar? maple and hickory and slow cooks everything..
he has everything, ribs, pulled chicken, pork, chevaps, salmon and was proud to say he's one of the few serving brisket.
Absolutely everything from sauces, rubs, sides made on site..
Ribs and chicken were amazing!

Well worth checking out! looks like he's only open mon-fri but said he'll start opening Saturdays..
he also said his website should be up any day..

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  1. whaaaaaaaaaaat

    i've passed by this place 10 million times, its right across from Nick's Famous Pita.. I never knew what the hell it was.. it has indeed been there for years

    I've always said since day 1 that Mississauga needed a southern BBQ place so I really hope this sticks around... I'd go tonight but knowing my luck it would be closed after driving there

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    1. re: duckdown

      Uh oh....I have been able to control the waistline successfully because there has NOT been any local Q it near Peter's? Mon-Fri makes sense as he is probably aiming at the business lunch crowd.

      1. re: ebay3392

        It's almost directly across the street from Peter's yep.. I think it's right beside a Money Mart in some little strip plaza on the corner

        1. re: duckdown

          I know where that is....hope it sucks for my waistline sake but hope is good for every other reason!!!! U ever been to Peter's? Was there with the wife a month ago and nice to see with everyone cutting back on quantities and stuff, they still have the monster portions, esp the 'small' souvlaki which I could only ever eat half of.

          1. re: ebay3392

            Yeah I go to Peter's, usually grab a take-out super pastrami sandwich or montreal smoked meat... i don't think i've ever dined in there... and yeah i am with you on the portions thing, everywhere is chincing out these days

            i never tried their souvlaki (pork) but I've had the chicken version (they call it chicken brochette) and its great

    2. i've never been in before either, but have seen it leaving Peter's a bunch of times! The owner was telling me he used to work down south and is super passionate about replicating the exact experience here...asked about his smoker and he describe his process for cooking everything! even his baked beans which he soaks overnight, boils, then bakes with homemade bbq sauce (and which i just devoured after being stuffed after an amazing pulled pork sandwich)..

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      1. re: burlgurl

        SOunds excellent -- just curious -- how did you find out about the place?

        Like you, I had always passed it while leaving Nick's or Peter's but had never heard anything about it or even really knew what it was

        1. re: duckdown

          I pulled into the parking lot to make a u-turn and wanted to grab a drink..i thought it was a coffee shop or something

        2. re: burlgurl

          Wow..someone who makes baked beans from scratch....other than myself in the backyard have not had that other than sampling a competing team at Memphis in May...mostly all use canned beans and try to flavour it up...not the same to say the least.

        3. This appears to be a true Chowfind, from a place without hype or marketing savvy, or even good signage.
          But probably operating on a shoestring budget, so we should try out his offerings as soon as possible.

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          1. re: jayt90

            it has the potential to be a chow find

            not gonna win over alot of people by not opening on weekends though

            It's not that far away from me so I'll be stopping in soon

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I'm no expert re: southern BBQ. I tried this place since I was in the area. Had the pulled pork, with slaw. It tasted good, was tender and juicy, but I didn't get much noticeable smoke flavour from the meat. If heavy smoking is your thing, I doubt you'll be impressed. The slaw was really good.

              I didn't order sides.

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              1. re: tjr

                maybe the owner read your comment, i was there recently and i think the smoking might have been a little too strong for me. I'm also no expert, but the smoking on the pulled pork and the ribs smelled more like how a shirt would smell after being in a room of cigarette smokers... is it supposed to be like that? it was kinda acrid...

                but i enjoyed the texture/taste of the pulled pork sandwhich, liked how there was minimal sauce on it. the ribs were underseasoned and a bit dry for me...

                sweet potatoe fries were great, nice and crunchy, though a little salty. ..

                the room looks a bit more bare than i expected, and the weird chefs wallpaper is kinda funny, but the food is wat is important...

                im not sure if proper smoking is supposed to smell like that, but i might give the place another try as the owner seems like a genuinely nice guy and passionate about food.

                1. re: Pigurd

                  Good smoke is deeply flavored , not acrid or petrol, and stays with with you you for an hour as you lick your chops and remember what you just had. if there is minimal salt or fat, you won't get the effect.