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Aug 14, 2009 12:19 PM

Fish Shack Plano short review

Ms Picky and I went to the Fish shack on 15th just east of 75 for lunch today. First of all this building started as a Long John Silvers many years ago and has since gone through several different businesses now it's back to be a fish place, but far better than LJS.

The fish shack is just that, it reminds me of the Florida fish shacks. They also have a very nice patio which I sure will be busy once the heat breaks.

We both had the grouper poboy which again was pretty true to the Florida grouper sandwich.
The fish tasted fresh, the bread was soft and again what I would expect. The tarter sauce was tasty.

The onion rings were rather interesting. I would have them again, all though I will likely try the hush puppies next time.

The French Fries were pretty pedestrian and could use some help. They remind me of the average fries that flying fish sells nothing special.

They have a small bar, beer and the normal kinds of beverages you would expect.

They serve a wide variety of fish and very decent prices. The special today was fish tacos which looked good at the table next to us. The fish tacos where $4.95, a real deal for what I saw.

Overall it's a great addition to downtownish Plano and will become a regular in our rotation.

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  1. Had the fish tacos which were good, a bit under seasoned but easily fixed with the whole tray of condiments they have at each table. You walk in and order and pay at the front, get your drinks, and they'll bring out your food.

    The places feels very comfortable and fills up fast during lunch. TVs everywhere if you feel like hanging out for a while. Service was very friendly. I generally avoid cooked seafood places but will go back to try some more.