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Aug 14, 2009 12:12 PM

Perfect cheese plate

So I need to make a cheese plate for 9 girls. I LOVE cheese plates and all the wonderful sides (quince paste, honey, almonds etc etc) that goes with it.

SO - I ask you. I am thinking of doing 3 - 5 cheeses. What would you do and what would you accompany each cheese with.

I have access to GREAT cheese ( I live in LA) so sock it too me, Goat, Cow and Sheep are all welcome. I prefer strong cheeses, but anything goes.



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  1. I really think your best bet is to go to your favorite cheese shop and see what they've got that is seasonal and will be ripe by the time you want to serve it. For 9 people, I'd definitely get at least 5 cheeses, and would vary them between hard and soft, new and aged, sheep/goat/cow. A few of my favorites for a cheese plate (that I know they carry at cheese shops in LA including the Cheese Store of Silver Lake) are Brin D'Amour, Reblochon, a really good Manchengo, some kind of a blue cheese, and maybe a California cheese, like Midnight Moon or Humbolt Fog. But for me it would depend on what was good and available at the shop when I went to get it.