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Aug 14, 2009 12:03 PM

Boston hound visiting Chicago for first time--but I have just a few hours!

OK, it's my first trip to Chicago--but I only have a few hours to play with (in for a wedding and leaving the next morning)! I've read through the boards, but I have so little time that I have to ask for your help with my specifics. Thanks in advance!

Location--staying at the Hotel Monaco, since there's very little time to explore, closer to the hotel is better, but if venturing out is a must (cab, train?) to get to the best, I'd do it.

I am seeking your recommendations for the following:

--Friday night dinner: we fly into midway @ 8:20, will check into hotel and can then do dinner. It's late, but if we can get a late reservation, we'd be up for fine dining -- steakhouse, etc.

--Saturday breakfast: something on the cheap.

--Saturday lunch: cheap/mid--something all Chicago (deep dish, etc.) but definitely close to the hotel (we have a wedding there @ 1 PM)

--Saturday late night: any nearby spots for a great midnight snack post-wedding?

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Let me help you with Saturday. Right down the block from you on Wabash is one of the more interesting breakfast locales in the Loop, Heaven on Seven. It doesn't open until 10:00 on Saturday but you could easily order big and combine a breakfast/lunch and then while away an hour or two at Millennium Park or the Cultural Center:

    If you absolutely require an earlier breakfast, my usual choice in the area is the Atwood Cafe in the Burnham Building:

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      Atwood Cafe has a great breakfast, and it usually is my go-to spot to take clients for breakfast meetings in that vicinity. However, just be aware that it is not on the cheap as far as breakfast goes.

    2. The Monaco is a nice hotel, but I'd avoid the restaurant in the hotel. Arriving at 8:20, you'll probably need a res for 9:30 or later. You can probably get one at Topolobampo (unbelievably fabulous upscale Mexican), or you can walk in to Frontera Grill, its more casual but equally fabulous sister at the same location (on a Friday, you'd probably have to eat in the bar) and not have to worry about being on time for the reservation. This is a few blocks from your hotel, on N. Clark street, across the river, but an easy walk. Or, if you can get a late reservation, take a short cab ride to Blackbird. Or try its more casual sister, Avec, which does not take reservations.

      Midnight snacking near your hotel might be tricky, but maybe other hounds have ideas.