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Aug 14, 2009 10:14 AM

CrossIron Mills Mall, Calgary... food


I see a Godiva outlet and some new(to me) places like Teriyaki Experience! and another Koryo! *cough at least twice a week cough!*

Umi Sushi Express? -
Villa Medina -
Jimmy the Greek -

Anybody know morree?

(random excitement) I'm a fast foodie, so sue me.

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  1. I like to see new fast food concepts too- Villa Medina is another in the Tiki Ming empire and from its website looks decent. There is actually Teriyaki Experience elsewhere in Calgary now and from visiting one in Ottawa I can say it's just Edo redux and not nearly as good as Sukiyaki (though its focus is different- again, it's basically the same as Edo). Umi Sushi I think is in Market Mall and for fast food sushi it's way better than the one in Chinook (Sushi Q? I haven't actually been to Chinook in, like, years). Jimmy the Greek is Toronto based and as I recall- way, way better than Opa.

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      1. re: crigg

        No, it's a Buttercream like it says on the website. What are you saying?

        1. re: 23skidoo

          oh I was just looking at back-dated herald articles on the mall and there was an article from last month on it (I don't know if it actually happened)

          But there's a Buttercream for sure :)

      2. re: John Manzo

        There's a Teriyaki Experience in 5th Avenue Place downtown. It's pretty bland. Everything is cooked in water instead of oil, so it tastes steamed.

        1. re: 23skidoo

          Just as long as the sauce is good :P I like steamed stuff (is the rice steamed?) Though I don't mind stuff fried in oil... Seems very health-aware.

          Mostly I just wanted to know what actual restaurants, if any, are going to be in there...vs West ed's Bourbon Street....

          1. re: crigg

            "Stay tuned for future restaurants coming in 2010."

        2. re: John Manzo

          There's a Teriyaki Experience down by IKEA. Linda and I were desperate for a late lunch today, and we were in the neighborhood, so we thought "it must be OK" since we knew it was very much like Edo. Well, that was our worst mistake. This "experience" is not one we want to repeat. This "experience" makes Edo look like a culinary delight beyond all imagining! The precooked shredded chicken (shredded goes farther) barely touched the stovetop, just to heat it up, but certainly not to brown it. Certainly not a nice flavor. Meanwhile, the veggies must have been cooking (and cooking) since they saw us coming in the door. And a not a mushroom in sight. Sorry, but this was a Terrible Experience.

          1. re: Bagel Guy

            no mushrooms!? Haha I think I'll pass on this one (though I cook like that sometimes at home too!) I'm a vegetable fiend..

        3. Ugggg I ate at Jimmy the Greek, so horrific. The service was perhaps the worst I have ever experienced and I thought it is tough to screw up service in a five second interaction. Furthermore the Salad was about half the size of my fist and the taste was barely edible. Not going back there.

          I heard the burger place is potentially good; can't remember the source though.

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          1. re: mstudzinski

            aww thats horrible! I have this constant greek salad craving so thanks for the heads up. Whick reminds me I have to stop ordering from Opa's! because their greek salad is always mushy and the rice tastes like Uncle Bens. Anyways I'm off to there friday scouting out the chocolate store, looking for cupcakes, and Crispy clusters at the rocky mountain chocolate factory(like the outside of a mr big mnnn). Mostly just fooding in general! . Me and my friend have to try the koryo potatoes in every koryo location too... and somewhere to eat! A lot of fooding hahaha.

            .... Has anyone seen gelato there? :P

            1. re: mstudzinski

              I mentioned the burger place here -

              "South St. Burger Co.
              This may come as a surprise, but one of the city’s best burgers comes courtesy of a fast food chain. A new spinoff of New York Fries, this Leaside shop has an interior that smells like a backyard barbecue. And the flame-licked meat is topped with a choice of such house-made offerings as peach or mango sauce (take that, McDonald’s), four kinds of cheese, chunky guacamole and fresh veg. The shakes and fries should not be missed."

              1. re: 23skidoo

                Yup - it's probably the only food joint I'm interested in @ the mall. We ate just prior to going, so tried nothing - but heard excellent things about the South St. Burger Co: intersting story boards, great condiments and good quality meat. Will have to try it the next time we decide to brave it out there. Nice to know about the shakes too...

                1. re: morefuuud

                  Eat there twice last week. Was very impressed the first time great burger. The second time not so much. The meat was cold and tasted a little off. I will try them again because of my first experience. Hopefully the second time was an anomily

                2. re: 23skidoo

                  hmmmm south burger didn't give us that out of this world feeling. still like red robin 's as a burger place with unlimited steakk fries.

                3. re: mstudzinski

                  I was just there this weekend and ate at Jimmy the Greek as well, it was terrible, I ordered a small greek salad and when they gave it to me I asked what it was, he told me it was the salad and I told him dont want it and gave it back. 4.99 for packaged lettuce, a few onions, 2 tomatoes, 3 cucumbers, some feta. And comparing it to a small greek restaurant on Main street in Vancouver, where their salad was huge and everything was freshly cut in front of me for 6.99. Oh and I remember somebody on here saying Jimmy the Greek was way better than Opa, boy were they wrong.

                    1. re: John Manzo

                      Then Jimmy the Greeks is lower on that bar than Opa

                      1. re: throwdown

                        based on one salad? what else did you have?

                        1. re: John Manzo

                          I sampled the potatoes they were reasonable :P

                    2. re: throwdown

                      I've never seen lettuce in a greek salad (i.e. horiatiki, maybe there's others I've missed).

                      1. re: hsk

                        Horiatiki is the "real" Greek salad. Though it was countless moons ago, it was the only salad I saw from Delphi to Heraklion. There were no others.

                  1. Went yesterday. Big mistake, so was half of the province.

                    Anyway, two recommendations;

                    1. Teopia: An excellent tea shop, one of the best anywhere. Not cheap though like most stores in the mall.

                    2. The food court is huge with lots of seating. And lineups about 15 people long. Most menus seemed to be a bit larger and fancier than your usual food court.. Picked a Lebanese place called Madina. Big portions, lots of selection, prices $6-$10. The salads were excellent and fresh, my fave was the lemony wilted spinach, good chicken shawarma. Two complaints, the kebabs were reheated and a bit dry, but with very good flavour, and they give you the smallest crappiest plastic fork manking has ever made.

                    I'll eat there again on my next trip on an early morning weekday. Avoid the place at all costs any other time, especially if you need to return south on Deerfoot. The access is single lane only.

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                    1. re: Scary Bill

                      There is also a Teopia in Market Mall outside of The Bay.

                      1. re: beggsy

                        I think there is one in Marlborough Mall too. Small.

                        1. re: beggsy

                          So they finally did something with the Timothy's that shut down - has anyone tried Teopia?

                          1. re: maplesugar

                            I had their chocolate mint rooibos latte made in-store. Really good. Haven't bought any of their teas for home yet.

                        2. re: Scary Bill

                          I second the Lebanese place, it's wonderful. And yeah, the traffic is brutal getting out... ><

                          1. re: AriaDream

                            Look on their website and try the Stony Trail route if it is convenient. There were a few cars, but otherwise no other traffic.

                            1. re: sweeterpea

                              Stony Trail is the way I went but it was a Sunday and getting out of the place was a mess. >_< Weekdays are probably better.

                        3. We finally got to Crossiron Mills Mall today and the crowds were not bad, as I guess it was Grey Cup Sunday. The kids begged and pleaded hard and we bought a couple of snack bags of Spudniks -- potato chips that are supposedly "specially prepared". Don't bother; at $3.25 a bag, you'd do better getting a bag of Lay's. They were nothing special, maybe a bit less greasy then regular chips. The people working there make a big show by putting the pre-made chips in a bowl under heat lamps and tossing them with flavoring to show you how "special" they are. Don't fall for this like we did ;o)

                          My parents went to the Chinese food place (forget the name) but got pretty decent Char Sui, veggies and steamed rice. They both got huge plates for $7.99 and could have easily shared one. The food quality was actually pretty good though they thought the veggies could have been cooked longer and grumbled that the same thing at T and T was only $5.99.

                          My hubby went to Koryo for me and got the bbq chicken with the garlic potatoes, with what looked like sesame broccoli. The garlic potatoes were nothing special and a bit icky -- deep fried chunks with some kind of garlic sauce poured over them. Everyone thought they weren't bad, but I would not order them again. Chicken was three of the smallest chicken thighs I have ever seen, the size of chicken wings, no skin on. Very dry with with very small fake-ish looking "x" grill marks on them. The broccoli was stone cold.

                          My husband took it back and was informed that the broccoli was supposed to be served cold, but it was sitting out on the steam table with everything else. They gave him a serving of clear vermicelli noodles with cabbage for free. I must say this was the best tasting thing out of the whole lot.

                          Kids and Hubby shared some KFC, and they probably enjoyed their meal the most. I should have known better: Feed everyone before we go to the mall !!!! In all honesty, the Chinese place was pretty good.

                          Teaopia had some very nice orange tea and Christmas tea out for everyone to try; was delish. There was also a goofy elf hamming it up on top of a giant Christmas tree that kept everyone entertained while Mom and I got some peace and quiet at Homesense, so the whole trip was not a washout.

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                          1. re: sweeterpea

                            "My husband took it back and was informed that the broccoli was supposed to be served cold, but it was sitting out on the steam table with everything else."

                            If it is the same as the one at North Hill the side dishes are kept on a cold table not a steam table and they nuke (I can hear the gasping now) them as you order. They may ask if you want them hot but they may not.

                            Also, I like the beef which they grill to heat up. Never had the chicken so can't speak to how false the grill marks are.

                            Wish I had tried that mall today, instead I was in the Market Mall Friday and the US stores like Bath and Bodyworks and Eddie Bauer had Black Fridays sales and crowds.

                            1. re: sharonanne

                              Since I did not get the food myself, I asked hubby if he was sure it was on the steam table. When he returned with the free side dish, he said yes, it was with all the hot food on the steam table. When he complained about it being cold, they did not offer to heat it up. The grill marks looked like someone got one of those tiny novelty branders for steaks and sssssst put an "x" on each thigh, haha. Oh well, live and learn.

                              Deals were awesome -- treated myself at Lucky Jeans and you get $25.00 off every $100.00 purchase; noted many other types of discount signs hanging on windows. Seemed most people were looking though, and not buying. I enjoy the Homsense at Beacon Hill much better, more roomier, but had fun anyway.

                              1. re: sweeterpea

                                Its the same up in Edmonton with the broccoli. I ordered the platter with the steak and chicken on it (to share- it was huge!!) and the broccoli was in the steam table so I had assumed it was hot. Not the case at all. I was a little disappointed since I think it would have been much better served hot. I had also chosen the noodles and cabbage for a side dish and thought that was the best side of the 4 on my plate. Next time I would get double noodles and cabbage and no broccoli. I thought the potatoes were ok but nothing special or something that I had to have.

                                1. re: Bellavino

                                  sweeterpea, you seriously didn't like the garlic potatoes? Those things are gifts from the Korean gods. It's all I can do to not ask for two orders as sides.

                                  The broccoli is always cold. Always has been. It's a salad, think of it that way. Same side of the table as the kimchee. Cold. Try kimchee with garlic potatoes next time. AMAZING combo.

                                  1. re: John Manzo

                                    Nope -- did not like the potatoes. They were also coldish by the time I got them as the broccoli was sitting in close proximity to them in the take out container. Maybe if I had ate them right away, they would be different.

                                    Would be willing to try again, but the beef, with maybe double rice and the noodles/cabbage.

                                    1. re: sweeterpea

                                      The trick is to get them right after a batch is made, and get that one side in a different container, the crispness will soggy up if in the container too long. The sauces are slightly varied between locations too.. I tried the ones at CIM day before yesterday and I found it too sweet and not garlicky enough. I have eaten this at least 25-30 times in the last 8 months :P

                            2. re: sweeterpea

                              Koryo is my favorite mall food. Don't eat the garlic potatoes unless you can eat them right away. They have a very short half life in a take out container. The beef is always better than the chicken (it's always dry). They counter looks the same all the way across but half is hot & half is cold. There are little lamacoid tags on the glass that says "Hot Items" and "Cold Items" but they are small. The brocolli and green beans are always cold while the potatoes, noodles & omlette are hot. Also, if you get the beef, add the "bbq sauce" that is in the big pump dispensers. It's really tasty!