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Aug 14, 2009 09:53 AM

Alternative to PDT bar

I hear this place has food and is quite interesting. However, friends who returned from NYC said that they tried every singe day to get in and were told they had no room. When they thought they'd go by on the advice of the concierge, the place had three booths empty for over 40 mins and they did not get seated. In the meantime, they had to deal with rude and arrogant staff.
Sounds interesting, but not willing to subject myself to that type of treatment. Love the idea, anyt hing similar out there? Doesn't have to be dogs and burgers, can be other.

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  1. Death & Co., Pegu Club, Little Branch, Flatiron Lounge or the bar at Tailor.

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      NB: Little Branch, Flatiron don't have food. Tailor has a pretty short bar food menu, too.

    2. i never had a problem. you just cant go with more than 4 people and be prepared to wait. you can go to one of the bars next door and they will call you.

      1. I've never had trouble getting a reservation for 3-4 people on the day of, but it is true that they do not put walk-ins at the bar. They will put your name on the list for seats at the bar. Go next door and get a beer while you wait and come bacak to enjoy the delicious drinks and dogs. Or you could go with one of the wonderful suggestions from KT!

        1. Death & Co. Mayuela, Pegu Club, Clover Club, Raines Law Room, Apotheke

          1. For one or two people, go early (it opens at 6pm) and get first-come-first-served seats at the bar. That's what I've always done, and never a problem.