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Aug 14, 2009 09:13 AM

Best Budget Eats in Dublin/Galway/Dingle

Traveling to Ireland to the above cities next month. Looking for yummy food for two for under €75. In Dublin, have heard good things about Gruel and Green Nineteen. Any other recommendations? We like all types of food. Thanks!

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  1. There's an Indian restaurant in Dublin called Khan's Balti House. It's a bit outside the centre so I'm not sure how easy it is to get to. The food was very good, and it wasn't very expensive for Dublin.

    1. The 'current climate' has shaken the scene here a good bit and a whole host of deals awaits, from Michelin starred lunches to bistro early birds and 'coffee and croissant'.
      A few tips: Dublin city: for quirky try The Cake Cafe; for cellar tapas, The Port House; for wholesome Italian and the best coffee in Ireland, Dunne&Crescenzi; french bistro style, L'Geuleton and La Maison and an outdoor breakfast on the rooftop terrace of dept store Marks&Spencer on Grafton St.
      Dingle will be easy if you stick to pubs as the restaurants are pricey but if you like fish (and Dingle has the best) you must try Out of the Blue, which is a characterful shack and only serves fish and seafood. The cheapest main in May was plaice for 19euros, starters around a tenner. And get to Dick Macs on Green St for a pint.
      Hope that helps. If you hone down your preferences I can help further.

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        Thanks Dublin Chow! I read some of your other posts which gave me some good ideas, too. We like all types of food, but our favorites would be seafood and unique types of places, where locals eat. I was wondering where to get our morning cup of coffee, too, so your recommendation for Dunne and Crescenzi is greatly appreciated!

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          Well then I recommend a trip to the suburbs: jump on the DART to Dun Laoghaire, if nice weather join us Dubliners for a walk on the pier (grab a coffee from CoffeeAngel) and then maybe lunch at Cavistons (10mins up the road), a south Dublin institution, fishmonger/deli/restaurant which is great but pricey; or Alexis, very popular buzzy bistro doing great deals. Don't forget the ice cream cone fromTeddy's!

      2. I just got back from 2 weeks in Ireland and I promise I will do a more comprehensive review but despite being pretty pricey on the Dingle peninsula I think you can find a lot in your parameters. Most restaurants had "Early Bird" specials from 6:00 until 7:30 consisting of 3 courses for €25. I also found portions to be gigantic so I was usually ok with an appetizer and the sides from my husband's main that he never seemed able to finish.

        The seafood was great out in Dingle and further north on the Connemara coast. While Out of the Blue was good I found the portions to be way too big (enough halibut for a family of four) and not particularly better than other restaurants in town (although we did have some nice coriander and chili calamari that was really good there). But I'm from Boston and we get outstanding seafood here too so I guess it depends on what you are comparing it too.

        We had a lighter meal at Paudie's at the Dingle Bay Hotel that was just fine (Too much black pudding the morning before left me just wanting soup and salad that night. Mr had a nice sea bass). We also ate at the Old Smokehouse. Mr. had a truly delicious guinness pie and I had a kind of yucky spinach mushroom goat cheese "pancake" which while I admit I ordered poorly was like a giant vat of bubbling liquidly spinach with two enormous slabs of goat cheese on top. Not a recommended dish.

        If you go for any country drives while in County Galway and end up in Roundstone get some sauteed crab legs at O'Dowds. Lip smackingly good. The mussels in Co. Galway were also outstanding pretty much anywhere you went (but I had delicious ones in a white wine sauce at Mitchell's in Clifden and in a coconut curry at Marconi in Clifden).

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          Thanks for all the great recommendations and advice! We're off this weekend and will try some of your restaurants.

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            Just got back from the Emerald Isle as well and have some recommendations I just posted here:
            Hope it helps =)

        2. Gruel is a good call. If you're looking for just-plain-inexpensive, Bad Ass Cafe in Temple Bar, (quite close to Gruel, actually), has an American menu of breakfast, sandwiches, and the like, often for prices that compare to the US.

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            Bad Ass Cafe is still in business? Wow! I guess that getting in early on Temple Bar before it became trendy and heavily touristed really paid off. I dined there a few times back in 1987-88, just a few years after it opened.

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