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need review of the new "brooklyn water bagel" store in Delray

I dont want to drive down from Jupiter to Delray and be disappointed so I am waiting for the review of the new bagel place form you bagel mavens It is across from Boy's

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  1. It's the real thing. They reproduce NY water in-store and make the bagels behind a glass wall for customer viewing. The bagel has the authentic taste and is chewy, but not too much so. The crust was exellent. Had Nova with cream cheese with ripe tomato and red onion. (VERY good) I think they've hit on the right formula. They have an extensive menu and many servers. Try it, by all means.

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      Ooh will try this over the weekend, just along the road from me.

    2. I can give a partial review but I never got as far as the food.

      The parking lot is small so it was a few minutes wait to get a space. Walked in, no greeting just a long, long line for the counter. And I mean long. And slow. Did I say slow yet? Just to reiterate it was slow. Same line for counter service and takeout. Apparently, you order your food, go sit and eventually someone yells your number and you wave at them and they bring out your order in plastic baskets. So few people were eating it was hard to see if it looked any good. While you are waiting (and waiting) in the line you can watch them make bagels - maybe they got the idea from Disney but less exciting!

      After 20 minutes of waiting I got fed up - there were still about 15 people in front of me (down from 20). No bagel is worth that wait, I estimated another 15 minutes before I got to the front of the line.

      They are going to have to sharpen the system because this is August so I would hate to see it in season. Personally I think they need to go to waitress service or split the line into take out and eat in counter service.

      1. This afternoon, August 15th, my wife and I decided to come to your restaurnt for a bagel. I can honestly say, this was the worst experience I ever had in any restaurant! Our first sour experience occurred as we were forced to wait in line as any indivudual purchasing food to go was allowed to walk right infront of all of us. As if the wait wasn't painful enough, listening to Delray Beach's impatient elderly population complain of the poorly designed system was even more torturesome.

        Finally, our turn to order, "i'm sorry sir, we are out of all juice". What kind of bagel restaurnt doesn't serve orange juice? Did you really think all your patrons would be drinking coke with their bagel?!?!?

        Then the real wait started. To get our two bagels and a black and white cookie took a little over 30 minutes. More then half of this time was spent scouting for a table which we eventially earned by asking a nice couple if they were done and sitting at a dirty table we had to self clean.

        The rest of this wait was spent observing all the unhappy hungry guests of your restaurant complaining about wrong oders or food that was no where to be found. We witnessed people demanind refunds and people demanding their order.

        Then came the real treat, it was finally our turn to be served, the rude gentlemen tosses a bag on our table and gives us the "Oh, you wanted it for hear" shrug. He tells me to check if everything I ordered was in the bag, and before I could say no, 'POOF' he was gone. He came back several minutes later and I expressed that our black and white cookie was not in the bag, truly the only reason to eat a bagel. This incompetant waiter went on to bring us another bag, folded flat with two tiny cookies on top. No plate, no napkin, just cookies on a dirty bag!!

        One bite into the day old, hard, stale cookies and I knew I would not be EVER returning to your poorly run restaurant!


        1. I think you'll be disappointed. If you're in Delray, fine, but I wouldn't make a special trip to try it.

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            had to try it out.. really nothing special. I know they have been making a lot of noise but they're bagels are not that great. I've suggested Bruegger's in Boca on the board before, go check them out! Best bagels I've had in South Florida and I've eaten at probably every single bagel place down here

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              Have you tried Bagels and More, on Jog and Boynton Beach Blvd? Pretty good.

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                I think you might mean Bagels And. Also known as Boynton Bagel Co. They make the very best bagels and unquestionably the best bialys.

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                  "Bagels &", on Lake Worth Road, west of Jog Rd., in the shopping center on the south side - near "Mom's Kitchen"...........
                  Worst, cold doughy "bagels" we've ever had. No excuse for that.

                  The other locations are not that way? This is the only location we've been too!

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                    The only two locations that I know of for Bagels And are at The Fountains Shopping Plaza (Jog and BBB) and Charleston Square (Hypoluxo and Jog). Both of these locations have excellent bagels although I believe they are baked at The Fountains location. I do not believe that the one on LW Rd is related. There is a place called Hot Bagel Factory at 7364 LW Rd. Mom's is 7478 LWR.

          2. I happened to be up in Palm Beach this morning and stopped off at Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. on the drive back. The opening day crowds have dissipated and the ordering system seems to work just fine. It's a fast-food layout where you order at the counter, they give you a card to plug into a little device on your table so they know where to bring the food when it's ready.

            The bagel, on the other hand, was underwhelming. Way too fluffy and risen and dry for me. The toaster wasn't working, though I was told these were still warm from the oven.

            As I continued my drive back to Miami, I stopped off at Sage Deli in Hallandale to see how their bagels (which are among my favorites though I haven't had one for a while) compared. This is what I like in a bagel. Crusty on the outside, but still dense and chewy and substantial within.

            Sage may still not be a perfect New York bagel, but it seemed closer than BWB's to me, even without any "Brooklyn water." More here ->

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              I stopped at Sage today as well. I worked in a bagel (only) placeassisting the baker in NY as a teenager (kettle, burlap boards etc} and Sage is by far the best bagel in So Fl.
              I only get plain "well baked" If you are going to take a ride I would stick to bagels - I am not a fan of their other items

            2. I'll stick with the "not our first review" crowd and pass until all this apparently widespread hype dies down a bit and go by in a year or 2. I can't imagine waiting that long for a bagel. . . unless of course:


              1. not too good...You are better off going to Gramercy Bagels on Jog Road South of Atlantic, or Way Beyond Bagels on Jog South of Linton.

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                  I tried Gramercy last week. I had the whole wheat everything bagel and it was great! It's a very nice store and restaurant.

                2. If you dont mind going to west Boca, Westside bagels, have some of the best bagels I have had down here.

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                    That's good news. They will be opening in Boynton soon.

                  2. There was a writeup on SeriousEats today about Brooklyn Water Bagel. According to the article, theyre plannng as many as 1,200 locations. From the reviews they may be getting a little ahead of themselves.


                    1. My favorite SoFla bagel is an "everything" at Bagels With. They're on the N side of Linton Blvd between Federal Hwy and the RR tracks at Dixie, in South Delray.

                      It's moist inside, just the right crunch outside, and "seasoned" perfectly (plus no rye seeds - unlike Einstein's and many other "everythings").

                      I grew up in NY and in the past 10 years have made special trips, while back in NYC, to sample what are widely considered NYC's best bagels: Murray's, Essa, H&H and others.

                      The everything at "Bagels With" compares very favorably and - blaspheme - may even surpass some of the real NYC bagels.

                      1. it is the real thing, just like lender's are real bagels.... stopped by the weekend after reading the original post here. ignore the fact of the lack of organization, they obviously opened before they had a handle on customer flow, which from reading since my visit has not smoothed out. sure, they are showing you the step by step process, great for the kiddies... but really, it is not a hand rolled bagel. what is the point then?? okay the water gimmick is fine, but guys, it is a gimmick. they have all the equipment to be a successful bagel shop, and stop short on what is actually important.
                        ordered plain, egg, and everything. tried also for a cinnamon raisin but they were out at 1:30p and not making any more. (three out of the five parties ahead of us also were asking for cinnamon raisin, hum… lost sales opportunity??)
                        they were okay. just okay. nice crust on the plain, but inside was just.. bleh. no yeast strands, no taste, like eating a thick piece of wonder bread. we could not tell the difference between the egg and plain. would i drive the hour north?? no, trust me, i would drive much much further if they were stellar.
                        really, you are better off without them. disappointment is…. you know.

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                          im telling you guys.. you need to try bruegger's! I go there everyday. If you guys like bagels with or westside, you'll love bruegger's

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                            I used to work so close to it and after reading your recommendation I was going to try it. Then I got laid off LOL. But I plan on trying it next time I'm on that side of town. :)

                        2. Passed through Delray today and made a pit stop at BWBco. to see what the hype was all about. I kept it real simple and went with a plain bagel. It was good, better than I expected and better than most bagels in South Florida but not the best (Sage-Hallandale).

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                            I'm in Boca now, but when I lived in NMB and Pembroke Pines I loved loved loved Sage! That was back in the 80's so I see they haven't changed much. I need to go down there one day soon.

                          2. I wouldn't be seen near the place.