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Aug 14, 2009 09:00 AM

The Senator - Bob Berman from Boba has taken it over...

read about this at GFR - anyone else know anything about this? Eaten there already, or are they closing and renovating or anything like that?

"Bob Berman, who was chef and co-owner with Barbara Gordon of the celebrated Boba on Avenue Road, has quietly taken over The Senator" was all I could find.

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  1. Exciting news...

    Wish him all the best. Gotta check it out!


    1. Bob and Barbara have been running the front and back of the house for the last few months. No big renovation planned to my knowledge.

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      1. re: sloweater dad mentioned to me last week that the last two times he went in the past month the food had become too greasy and overwhelmingly buttery. He thought they had given up on quality controls.

        New it now makes sense. Too bad.

        1. re: IMHOonly

          Bob and Barbara do not own the Senator. Their current ownership remains the same.

        2. re: sloweater

          Hmmm, ate there a few times recently and so far, so good. No noticeable changes. It would be awesome if someone re-opened the jazz club. Those philistines that bought it look like they finally ran it into the ground.

        3. The original comment has been removed
          1. Berman does own the place, contrary to above, and it'll probably take a few more weeks still to get all of his changes done. It takes a while to get a moving train to switch tracks.

            1. re: GlassofReparte

              I wonder if they'll redeem the gift certificates from Boba that a few people have hanging around.

              1. re: GlassofReparte

                According to a review of the Senator that's running in tomorrow's NOW, Bermann does NOT own the Senator. He was "quietly hired by Senator owner Bob Sniderman to kick the 80-year-old burger joint in the keister."

            2. Ate there on the long weekend and the new Bob Berman burger (made with a blend of Cumbrae beef) was being served though it was not listed that way on the unchanged menu. I liked it, though Allen's burger is still better. Nice special sauce that came with the burger at Senator too.