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Aug 14, 2009 08:43 AM

Small Plates Menu at Cheesecake Factory

Last night I tried a couple of items off of the small plates menu at the CF and one was a real standout.
Dates stuffed with parmesan, wrapped in bacon. I know it's common to stuff dates and wrap in bacon, but these were especially good. I'm still thinking about them. Also had the garlic knots stuffed with mozzerella, which were tasty too, but nothing to go crazy over. Any one else have anything from this newish menu?

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  1. Onion Rings Loaf are bangin yo..but not enough to share, And that Pizzette thang. Just get it with smooth Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese. Not those other weird ones with vegetable crap on them. Ask for it without the nasty chunky tomatoes. Plain w. just smooth Tomato Sauce and lots of Mozzarella and cheese. The tomato chunks they make you barf. That also is not really enough to share but pretty awesome too.

    1. I've had the stuffed dates wrapped in bacon at the CF twice now. The first time they were excellent, but the second time they were slightly burned. I had a similar dish (this one involved dates stuffed w/ goat cheese and wrapped in bacon) at another restaurant (not a chain, but the name escapes me), and it was even better.

      1. I tried the crispy artichoke hearts - enjoyed them. Really interesting spin on the typical artichoke appetizer - the garlic aoli (spelling?) they're served with was good too.

        1. Nice to see a big chain realizing people want smaller portion sizes of quality tasting food. Not everyone is a glutton.

          1. So are their "small plates" similar to other restaurants' regular plates?