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Aug 14, 2009 08:19 AM

Chinese restaurant for party of 50-100 people?

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions.. I'm looking for a chinese restaurant that has wedding/banquet type kind of dishes, for 50-100 people. It needs to serve alcohol and in the area bordered by Leslie/Steeles/Warden/Eglinton.. Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks!

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  1. Assuming your area definition is a strict requirement, the places you should check out are Paradise at Leslie/Finch, Grass Mountain at Don Mills/Finch, and Elegantview at Victoria Park/McNichol. Sam Woo Seafood, on the east side of Warden, south of Steeles, is just outside your required area (as is Casa Imperial at the SE corner of Warden/Steeles). Spring Villa is just N. of Steeles on Woodbine. For me all these places rate decent (food, decor and service considered) with Casa Imperial slightly more upscale (and more expensive).