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Aug 14, 2009 08:02 AM

Best Tasting menu without a month reservation?!

So i went to Cafe atlantico for their Latin dim sum tasting menu and i LOVED it! However, now they have me hooked on tasting menu style eating! So i was going to try Minibar but reservations are a month out. Any really good tasting menu restaurants that dont require a really long wait time for reservations? i am trying to reserve something for next Tuesday night.


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  1. Opentable says that Blacksalt has availability, so does CityZen, Equinox is have a special four course tasting menu this month, Marcel's, Rasika or Proof.

    You could also call Palena, or see if Teatro Goldini has availability for their many course chef's tasting experience.

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      Awesome thank you for the suggestions, about to check them all out online! Guess i should mention i am open to any type of cuisine except italian. TY!