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Aug 14, 2009 07:49 AM

Providence/Newport Restaurants for NY Foodies


I'm hosting a bunch of NY foodies in Newport this weekend, and I'm hoping for a bit of inspiration as to where to take them for meals. I split my time between Newport and NYC, but I mostly cook when I'm in Newport so I have plenty to learn about the restaurant scene. Oh, and there doesn't seem to be much of anything open in the winter anyway.

In Providence- I am picking them up tonight around 5 pm, so I was thinking maybe La Laiterie or 10 Prime Steak and Sushi for dinner. I am tempted to try Gracie's or Lois Fuller again, but I've had rather mediocre meals at each, so I'm afraid of consistency issues. I don't want to do Italian b/c we're going to Puerini's on Saturday night.

Any ideas? They will eat anything- from ethnic food to standard American fare, but their standards are high. I recognize that 10 Prime might not have the most amazing food in Providence, but I am drawn to the kitschy aspects of it (ie: the fact that it is ridiculous but generally tasty).

As for Newport- As I said, I made a reservation at Puerini's for Saturday night. One of them is bringing a bunch of wagyu steaks with him, so we will likely grill those up on Sunday night. I was thinking Flo's for lunch on one of the days; don't know about the other day. I've had good experiences at Fluke, which might be doable. What's the deal with Scales and Shells or Asterisk these days?

Anything that is quintessential RI will be right up their alley. I was considering Modern diner, but I feel like that works better as hungover breakfast food than anything else. Spikes might be fun for them, but I'm not sure.

Does anywhere in Providence serve a great cocktail? Have a really nice wine list? Are there carts or hole in the walls that we need to visit?

Price is not an issue.


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  1. I'd pick La Laiterie over 10 Steak & Sushi for dinner tonight. I think the food presentation will be far superior at La Laiterie. You could always drive to 10 for a drink after a nice dinner at La Laiterie.

    If you don't mind leaving Providence, go to Persimmon in Bristol. The food is wonderful.

    For lunch or a cocktail in Newport, I'd suggest going to Castle Hill and sitting outside on the deck for lunch or get a cocktail and sit on the lawn overlooking the bay.

    1. Stay in Newport. So Many places to stop walk around after not a hot city. Restaurant Bouchards,FLuke,West Deck,If your a member 41 North, Inn at Castle Hill Flos has gone way down hill unless you like greasy fried food. Scales and Shells a nice place for simple fish.

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        In Newport:
        Cooke House, Definitely drinks at Castle Hill, Tuckers (on Broadway), The Mooring, Bouchards, Spiced Pear at the Chanler, Asterisk, Salvation Cafe (Eclectic/Funky on Broadway) @the Deck (inside) Pero Saldo (Funky Mexican) Spark (BYOB on Broadway) 22 Bowens.

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          Rhumbline in Newport is another good choice...