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Aug 14, 2009 06:59 AM

Nice, affordable dinner for two (Moroccan?) in Cambridge/downtown

I'm looking for a place for a nice dinner with my boyfriend for sometime next week. We both live in Inman Square/East Cambridge and rely on public transportation, so it will have to be accessible. We also have a pretty tight budget (feels big to me but quite small comparing to what I've been seeing on the boards) - my parents have given me about $45 for the both of us for a birthday meal. We won't be ordering drinks which will help and can easily do without apps and desserts - a good entree ranging between $12-20 is the most important part.

I love middle eastern/mediterranean food and have not had moroccan since moving up from DC a few years ago - I've seen VERY mixed reviews on Tajine in Harvard Square but I think ideally would love to find someplace that serves good Moroccan food (or something similar) within our transportation and price ranges. A decent, romanticish atmosphere would be great if possible too.... is this all too much to ask for? Would be willing to try Tajine if enough ppl seem to think it's worth it, but so far it's not looking too good....

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  1. There's Tangierino in Charlestown. An assortment of apps &/or tapas might work (this has sound): Have you considered Casablanca in H-Sq: and then there's the Algerian/Tunisian Baraka Cafe in Central Sq, Cambridge:

    1. Sounds like Baraka Cafe in Central Square would be perfect for you, although it's not Moroccan but North African (the chefs are Algerian and Tunisina.)

      I admit I haven't been there myself yet (shame on me!) but there are lots of fans on this board - do a search for their reports. They don't serve liquor, and from the prices shown on the menu online you won't necessarily have to deny yourselves apps and/or dessert.

      1. Third Baraka -- check out the menu and consider ordering the squab bastilla in advance (check on the price first). No booze, but good drinking options in the hood for before / after your meal.

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          I'm afraid I'm going to have to caution you on Baraka's b'stilla, at least in our experience. Altho' ordered in advance as instructed, it was clear after waiting more than an hour!, that they were scrambling to make it on the spot. It was dry, flavorless & a BIG disappointment. On the other hand, the b'stilla at Tangierino was simply amazing.

          1. re: Taralli

            Oh no! My one experience with it at Baraka was great. I like the b'stilla at Tangierino too ... but I think that's going to be beyond the OPs budget.

        2. I have had a great experiences at Baraka. I remember really digging the Bedenjal Mechoui (eggplant with yogurt) for an appetizer and Melfouf la Kasbah (lots of meats) for entree. The people who run it are great, I went there once during a muslim holiday (not realizing) and they were closed, but had the door open. They invited us in and gave us some great food to eat. Try the rose lemonade, its pretty sweet but worth trying.

          1. Sabur outside of Davis Square would be another choice. The price range is about right, it would be a five minute walk from the Davis Square T, and the food I think could best be summarized as north African. The portions are a good size, so you could also split the mezze platter and/or another appetizer ans then split an entree if you wanted to take that route.