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Aug 14, 2009 06:53 AM

Worth A Detour In Ann Arbor

Living (and posting regularly) in Toronto, I get to Ann Arbor a couple of times a year (for the last 20 years) – usually on my way to Chicago (it’s a good overnight stopoff). Typically that includes a Friday night meal and a visit to the farmers market (although, of course, I would NEVER bring produce back across the border - but very tempting last time as I found Greengage Plums). So I regularly trawl this board for recommendations. And it’s been slim pickings recently – 15 years ago I was a regular at the Earle – but I think they may still have the same menu! Zingerman’s Roadhouse was a brief flirtation – but I found the prices high for what you get.
But a couple of weeks back I tried Eve (which had been mentioned on the Board a couple of times) and I don’t know how (or why) this hasn’t been more prominently featured.
Many of the dishes featured produce from the market (e.g. squash blossoms – we had the squash blossoms tempura - fried but totally non-greasy, and stuffed with chorizo – perhaps a little too spicy for conservative palates, but certainly unexpected, for us, in Ann Arbor). And the mains all seemed to have a ‘twist’ to them – appeared French in style, but the spicing was certainly different. Some Asian spices and some Middle-Eastern/North African. Thai chicken dumplings (another appetizer) came with a carrot-lime sauce.
Mains featured ‘familiar’ meats – but not familiar spicing – A Beef Chimichurri (served on the green sauce) had the beef rubbed with spices, more reminiscent of middle eastern spicing, and a spicy lamb dish – I know, I should have taken notes, but wasn’t expecting this quality out-of-the-blue!

Price was reasonable for the food served – but certainly more than Zingermans. Not my best meal of the year so far – but probably my best in Ann Arbor for 10 years (at least).

So, OK hounds – why hasn’t this received more kudos? Has the recession killed ‘finer dining’ – I hope not – I plan on returning next time I’m through.

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  1. The chef of Eve will be on the new season of top chef. Eve is on my list of restaurants to try the next time I am in Ann Arbor. I had the opportunity to eat food made by the chef from Pacific Rim by Kana at a charity dinner and his food was outstanding.

    1. Eve is mentioned on a lot of Ann Arbor threads.
      It is on my list to try, gotta do it soon!
      Glad you noticed the spice theme, as that has been mentioned when Eve has been discussed.