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Aug 14, 2009 05:30 AM

Real Italian in B'more Little Italy?

So, after looking at a few menus all I can find is Italian-American, looking for real Italian (I've been to Cinghiale (AWESOME!), but looking for something a little less expensive). Any hints? Does not have to be in Little Italy, but looking in Baltimore.

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    1. I'm pretty sure that all of the restaurants in Little Italy are Italian American, so you'll have to look elsewhere. If you're willing to travel, I recently ate at Dino in DC and the menu and food really did remind me of a tuscan trattoria.

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        If you want the real flavor of Italy on the cheap, go to Piedigrotta on Bank Street, near Fells Point. The food and the pastries and the bread are off the charts good -- I hate to say it, but the pastries are better than Vaccaro's.

        For lunch the other day they had several different kinds of lasagna, marinated vegetables, panini, frittata, manicotti, homemade gelato, and the best cream puffs, ever.

        I hastent to add that this is not a restaurant, they have a half dozen tables and will serve you food after you've selected it, or take it to go.

        Why do I say real Italian? For one thing, Bruna Iannacone and her husband haven't been here terribly long -- since '95, maybe. For another, her husband is credited with the invention of tiramisu.

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          When I was there recently, I have to say that I was surprised at the much larger offering of savory items, such as lasangna and fried eggplant, than the last time I had been there. All of the desserts are very, very good (I love the cookies and eclairs), but I can also vouch for the vegetable stuffed foccacia.

      2. Little Italy is an over priced tourist trap. I truly wish it wasn't. The food should be the star in Italian cuisine. Unfortunately most of the restaurant owners and so called chefs in our
        "Little Italy" don't subscribe to basic ideal.

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          Agree with you 180. Sabatinos being the leading star. Very, very few worth the time.

        2. Don't know how long it's been since you went to Cinghiale, but they have several not-so-expensive options available nowadays in the Enoteca.