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Aug 14, 2009 04:03 AM


Does anyone know of a Malaysian restaurant in London that features Nyonya cuisine? There is such a place in NYC, but no one here has ever mentioned it. Limster??

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  1. Sedap has excellent Penang style Nyonya cooking (which is different from Nyonya cooking in Singapore, kinda like Italian is different in Milan vs Naples) -- focus on the Malaysian curry section of their menu. The hawker-type dishes aren't nearly as good (the char kuay teow/stir fried flat rice noodles excepted).

    I wouldn't expect anything like Nyonya Restaurant in Manhattan though, they make more of the general Singapore/Malaysian hawker dishes, rather than the specific dishes of the Nyonya cuisine. For Singapore/Malaysian hawker dishes, there's other places for them and will vary of depending on the specific dish e.g. Rasa Sayang for nasi lemak, C&R for wan tan ho etc...

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        I took my friend to Sedap whose from Singapore but her family is from Penang. She liked it very much, as did I.

        1. re: greedygirl

          Thanks, I'll try to get to Sedap before too long.

      2. re: limster

        I ate at Sedap three times last week. Good stuff. Lunch special is an especially good value. £5.95 - £6.50 for starter, main, rice/noodles.

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          For me Sedap is a quintessential Chowhound restaurant. Not only is a lot of their food delicious and well-priced but it's a mother/daughter set-up and they couldn't be any nicer and do more to make you feel like coming back. On my 2nd visit (a good 2-3 weeks after my 1st), the daughter recognised me and, without prompting, remembered exactly what we had ordered on our 1st visit when giving some suggestions on what else to try. I'm particularly enamoured with some of the sweets/confectionery which I'm new to.

          Limster, have you tried Melur on Edgware Road which I've been hearing some good things about?

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            I haven't tried Melur, its on the to do list with a few other places, including a more detailed look at Makan on Portobello Road, Bonda Cafe (Around Paddington) and Gourmet Garden (near Hendon). And of course the Malaysian Student's Canteen in Bayswater which Howler has mentioned several times. These days I've mostly been going to Sedap.


          There's a restaurant called Nyonya in Notting Hill. Haven't eaten there myself, just walked past it several times.

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            The folks at Sedap used to run Nyonya. Nyonya closed after they started at Sedap, with a sign saying that they were undergoing refurbishment. Has Nyonya reopened?

            1. re: limster

              thanks guys - ive been dying for a good char kuay teow

              will try this soon

              1. re: feelinfoodie

                Nyonya in Notting Hill has not reopened and the premises it was in is being turned into a real estate agent - VERY disappointing - I am hoping it will resurface elsewhere.


                1. re: Gourmet Chick

                  They have already resurfaced at Sedap - it's the same folks.

                  1. re: limster

                    Not exactly Nyonya food, but Satay House serves fantastic Malay food (they even do ice teh tarik!) They've been around 1970s but has recently been renovated. They have a pretty comprehensive menu (my gripe with nyonya was always that their menu was kinda short) and it's all very authentic and tasty.


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