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Aug 13, 2009 11:51 PM

Which Julia Child Cooking Show Was It?

She had several and I am wanting to know which one it was that had other chef''s come into her kitchen and cook one of their signature dishes? There was one episode where she ate something that someone had made and she was so taken by it that I thought she'd cry! It was a pastry of some kind..I think?

Also, Rick Bayless was on it once and so was some guy who demonstrated the correct way to dress and toss a salad.

I cannot recall the name..but she'd greet the camera at the front door and welcome people in.

I'd love to have the episodes on DVD.

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  1. "Cooking with master chefs' was one.

    1. Wasn't it the Nancy Silverton brioche cheese tart? The recipe is in the Baking with Julia book. I've thought about making it a million times, maybe next time have a gang for brunch.

      1. She did two different series in the kitchen with Master chefs, and one Baking with Julia. All of them featured a guest chef or teacher in each episode. And I believe all three are available on dvd from pbs now.

        1. You can find quite a few of those episodes online:

          1. The greeting at the front door part makes me think it might have been "Julia and Company".
            My recollection is that each week was a specific "company meal". I remember one of bringing the boss home for dinner.