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Aug 13, 2009 11:07 PM

Where do you stop on the road to Vegas? (moved from L.A. board)

So, my wife and I are leaving for Vegas this weekend... driving... I-15...from Los Angeles... yup, you know it... long desert stretches and a paucity of eateries.

Any good eats along the way (whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner)? My typical stop (which is not an amazing find) is the Bun Boy (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) or the Mad Greek (for respectable greek food in a really tasteless and run down decorated setting). I'd love to try a new place that someone can vouch for.

I know when I watch Triple D on the Food Network, a hole-in-the-wall gas station restaurant off some Route-XX seems to serve up tastier eats but I don't think I've seen an episode recommending any places (except maybe they did the Mad Greek one time) for this trek.

Help me.

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  1. Only place I stop is Barstow Main Street at Starbucks for coffe and the rest room.

    Stopped at Peggy Sue's last trip because a friend was driving and stopped there for a restroom break and noticed it was quite crowded with people eating breakfast.

    Otherwise nothing in my opinion no place is worth stopping to eat-- so take your pick of fast food chains. Someone will suggest the Bob's Big Boy there in Baker (formerly Bun Boy).

    1. The Mad Greek's Diner, located at 72112 Baker Blvd in Baker, CA,

      1. (or whatever they're calling themselves these days)
        Bun Boy is dead. Long live Bob’s Big Boy.
        72155 Baker Blvd.
        Baker , California 92309
        760) 733-4660

        Lunch, maybe get a sandwich at the Mad Greek but get some good rings and ice cream at Bob's

        Dinner, maybe The Sycamore Inn

        1. Nothing really good on the drive. Mad Greek is the best bet. I tried Bob's Big Boy last trip for the first time, and it was ok. Nothing special though. I'd eat before you leave.

            1. re: A5 KOBE

              Yep, In and Out. Vegas trip tradition!