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Aug 13, 2009 11:01 PM

Visiting Ottawa from Mtl for the day on Sunday

Hello Ontario,

I'll be heading into Ottawa for the day on Sunday with a few guests and was wondering if you could suggest some nice places for brunch/ lunch. It would have to be generally downtown and preferably not too expensive. Other than that, I'm open to anything, except french ( I get enough of that in Montreal).

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  1. hmmm Jak's Kitchen is quite nice, trying to do the bistro-thing. they have your standard breakfasts, eggs, toast, omelettes, potatoes, soups, daily specials, etc. (479 Bronson Ave 613.230.2088)

    i really like Wild Oat, they have sandwiches, breakfast bowls (includes rice!), salads, baked goods, wraps, etc. The kind of place for people with their nut butters and organic herbs. If you have more than 4 people, you should really get there early or call ahead, they only have one booth in the back. (817 Bank Street 613-232-6232)

    Manx Pub is a good standby, and perhaps closest to where you want to be (downtown/market area); cosy, for a pub with all your regular brunch-y food (potatoes, eggs, toast, quesadillas, etc.) it can get pretty busy though! (370 Elgin Street 613-231-2070)

    i can't think of anymore... I don't hang around the market too often, maybe someone else might be able to help with that.
    And because MTL food wins my heart over many times more.

    1. My favourite place on the market is Domus Cafe. It can be expensive, but the food is always good.

      If you are light eaters you could always just have the stacked tomato salad: horizontally-sliced tomato layered with goat cheese and tapenade, with a balsamic reduction. It is a wonderful dish.