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Aug 13, 2009 08:38 PM


Had a great tasting menu at Gumbo's downtown last night and excited to announce they are soon opening another location in Westlake across from Davenport Ranch where the Chili's was.
The menu will be a little more limited and will have more of a family focus.

First course was Oysters Rockefeller topped with a crispy fried oyster, second course was a crab cake with Jicama Slaw, third course with redfish muniere, followed by filet St. George and and bread pudding. Beverages included, pinot noir, chardonay, vodka martinis and abita beer.

The food was delicious and the service was outstanding!

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  1. I love Gumbo's downtown! That menu sounds really nice and I so love that filet George. Is the tasting menu a regular thing or was that a special occasion? I've never heard about it before...Maybe I need to get on their email list.

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    1. re: Rene

      I read about the event so it is not a regular offering. BTW, thanks for the heads up on the new location.

      1. re: Rene

        No, this was a special invite for food bloggers, etc, since they just recently changed marketing firms.
        I'm already working with them (helps I know the owners) on a Chowhound group dinner at the new location in Westlake. Details pending.

      2. Amy, I love your posts and your appreciation for good food. Hopefully you can answer this for me: was the Gumbo's restaurarant you reported upon originally located in Wells Branch? I seem to remember a restaurant by the same name in that area during the 'eighties.....

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          You're thinking of the original Gumbo's on Merriltown (just north of Wells Branch). You can read the history of the owners, the original, and the two offshoots (Round Rock and Downtown) on thew Round Rock Gumbo's website.

          1. re: marfaboy

            The original owners did start there, and now have the newly opened Mama Roux (can't wait to try it). The Quigley's have owned the downtown Gumbo's (they sold the RR location) for 7 years which is why there are some differences. But you are correct, their first try here in Austin was in Wells Branch. My how we've grown, eh?

            Thanks for the compliments and hope to see you at the next group dinner.!

            1. re: amykragan

              Gumbo's has been around for about 16 years I think? They even had a location in Dallas that has since closed. They currently have a very successful location in downtown Denver (different owners) that is thriving. I'm looking forward to the Westlake opening. I heard that one of the original chefs from the Wells Branch location will be cooking there. Gonna be gooood!!!

              1. re: TxTwirler

                Just had my first meal at Gumbo's in Round Rock and service and food were very good.
                Tasty salad with chevre, spiced apples and bacon dressing. Tender pork loin on a delicious bed of griiled onions. Dessert a chocolate custard that was more like pot de creme. Very rich.
                Tried the gumbo and it was not perfect but I am picky about gumbo. It was very dark with a spicy bite that was just right. Had plentiful shrimp that weren't overcooked.
                .But I like more file and wished the broth was thinner.
                Still a cut above most restaurant gumbo.
                I will definitely make a return visit.

                901 Round Rock Ave Ste D, Round Rock, TX 78681