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Aug 13, 2009 08:37 PM


just got back from cabo and had some great dining experiences.

1. don emiliano in San Jose. flawless meal prepared with love from master chef margarita. Sampler of tamales, hibiscus and agave flower quesadilla with pumpkin seed paste, mano de leon diver scallops with bride's mole, mango and nut dessert, great wine list. i COULD dine here every night and much more reasonable priced then many high end restaurants in baja. corkage is $20

2. taquiza tacos: opens late but the best tacos al pastor ever. i think i ate 10 before i waived the white flag.

3. nick-san sushi is great. the scallops dynamite appetizer, fresh tuna on crispy wonton, Japanese octopus, everything was good except i didn't care for the halibut.

4. Amarone at the marina. great gnocchi with prosciutto and caprese salad. that was all i ate but it was the best gnocchi i have had in a long time.

5. Sushi at the bistro at PB Sunset. very fresh and great portion. sunset on the patio with a glass of clase azul and a cuban cigar. works for me.

happy eats

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  1. Next time try SUSHIMANIA in downtown is tts delicious the Kushiages and Yaquimeshi and good prices :)

    1. Ditto on Don Emiliano! Lovely courtyard and and interesting menue, with much more reasonable prices than some of the nearby high-end places. Started with a plate of mini blue crab tostadas, followed by a very fresh sea bass in simple sour orange sauce. Superb margaritas.

      For breakfast, everyone recommends the French Riviera. A very nice atmosphere and good coffee and croissants, but the huevos dishes had very bland sauces.

      1. I just returned from a 1 week trip---had a couple good meals.
        The highlight was: Los Tres Gallos---on Leona Vicaro at 20 de Noviembre. Several small tables with candles, burlap placemats, terra cotta plates---nice amenities for a small informal place. No real menu, but the very welcoming staff tells you what tacos, quesadillas, and other options are available. We tried the chicharron, huitlacoche, and pollo tacos--the chile relleno and the chicken mole. All were outstanding. The tortillas are hand made and grilled on a griddle just outside. The mole is a home recipe---7 different chiles, apple, chocolate...and lots of other ingredients. They don't sell beer, but can get some from a nearby store if you ask. Coming from San Francisco, where I eat a lot of great Mexican food, this place was a real treat.
        I had a decent meal at 12 Tribes in the Casa Dorado hotel. Nice atmosphere, a little ambitious menu but pretty nicely done. Not sure I'd do the "International" items, but what I had was interesting and well prepared.
        The seafood taco place on Leona Vicario a few blocks into town (its a fenced in space with corrugated tin roof) was OK---pulpo tacos were great, smoked marlin was good, the scallop tacos were a little iffy.
        Marty's La Ricazon---Food was OK. Seems like a strange combination of Mexican and American influences. The jicama salad was ovewhelmed by the creamy dressing, the tacos were good but nothing special. Maybe I was expecting something terrific based on the TripAdvisor reviews, but I wasn't impressed.