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Aug 13, 2009 08:17 PM

Old School Red Sauce Italian on the Westside

Baked Ziti, Meatballs, Clams Oregenato, Chicken Cacciatore. Where could I enjoy these old-timey dishes from West Hollywood to Culver City, Bev Hills to Westwood?

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  1. While it does not have most of the items you mention, when I want red sauce and meatballs, I go to Al Gelato. Their tomato basil red sauce is amazing (though some 'hounds criticize it as too sweet) and can be served with rigatoni, ravioli or gnocchi.

    Marino in West Hollywood is very old school Italian, but I don't consider it a red sauce place. They do have dishes like baked clams and lasagna, but do wonderful fish and other Italian secondi. I highly recommend it.

    Since neither of those sound exactly what you want, you might consider Matteo's in Westwood or Maggiano's at The Grove. Neither is going to knock your socks off in terms of food quality, but they can probably provide more of the dishes you're looking for.

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      A couple good places on the far west side - Cantalini's Salerno Beach in Play del Rey is a great neighborhood red-sauce place by the beach. The staff treats you like family. They sometimes have music on weekends, but its acoustic and always interesting.

      We also like Vittorio's in Pacific Palisades - it's off the beaten track, not in the village. A real neighborhood joint.

      We also like La Bruschetta in Westwood, but that's a little higher end than a red-sauce joint.

      A great little place, tiny, but really good especially for lunch, is Angelino's Cafe on Kinross in Westwood Village. There are only a few tables, so most of the time you do take-out, but the food is great.

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        must respectfully disagree with the cantallini's recommendation.
        to my palate the only really good dish they serve is the spumoni.

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          I will go anywhere you ever recommend because of the American Beauty cover. Maybe I'll find direction around some corner where it's been waiting to meet me.

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            lol...these days it's a box of doughnuts (Primo's) over a box of rain...but genius comes in many forms, and buttermilk bars are just one of them

        2. Maybe Dan Tana's (in West Hollywood)

          1. Matteo's on Westwood Blvd is the real deal. Great for sighting celebs. Used to be Frank Sinatra's hang out. Also in BH, La Dolce Vita. Next door to Matteo and run by the same folks is the casual Taste of Hoboken.

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              I was TOTALLY going to say Matteo's!! Old school Italian, a former Rat Pack hang.