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Aug 13, 2009 06:54 PM

Looking for Lemon Fanta in Metro Detroit area

Anyone ever had Lemon Fanta? Real popular in Europe, for some reason Fanta won't release it here. Anyone know where I can get some in the Detroit area or at least somewhat close to it?

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  1. I saw lemon (and orange) fanta today at the Polish Market, the one at 22/Hayes. I think it was $3.39 for a 2.5l bottle, from Poland. I would guess they'd have it at their other locations too - Troy, Hamtramck or Wyandotte.

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      I spoke with the purchasing folks at Polish Market ... they no longer import Fanta Lemon. Sigh ...

    2. Have you given any thought to a trip over to can pick up a lot of stuff over there that isn't sold in the states.