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Aug 13, 2009 06:22 PM

Newport, Oregon


My son will be stationed at the Yaquina bay U.S. Coast Guard station for the next few years. When we visit him, where are the best places to get the freshest seafood?
I remember a Deli near the bridge that had really great fried seafood but do not recall the name. We could not find it last week when we dropped him off.


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  1. I adore Local Ocean Seafood on the main drag. I sometimes think about making the drive from Portland just for the pan-fried oysters!

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    1. re: fanghsing

      Yeah, I agree with that fanghsing, I love Local Ocean and their pan-fried oysters.

      I have not been, but have heard Saffron Salmon is good.

      I like Canyon Way and for a no-frills chowder and salad bar experience, I like the Chowder Bowl in the Nye Beach section of Newport.

      Is the place you are thinking of South Beach Fish Market (used be called the Lighthouse Deli)?:

      I haven't been there but I hear it is really good.

    2. I love Shark's for cioppino!
      Lots of postings for this area.