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Aug 13, 2009 06:19 PM

who has the best burger on cape cod?

I just returned from a visit to Miller"s in Dearborn Mi. and indulged in the best cheeseburger I ever had! Perfectly cooked, not greasy and minimal condiments. Any good sugestions, or the best butcher shop to find hamburger meat. Bon Appitite.

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  1. Had a terrific Kobe Beef burger ($16) at The Outer Bar and Grille at The Wequassett Inn in Chatham last weekend. Came on a house made brioche bun with excellent hand cut fries. Terrific high end setting, overlooking their pool terrace and Pleasant Bay with expansive water views. Service is first rate and amiable.

    Both Dennis Public Market on 6A and Petersen's Market just up the road in Yarmouthport grind their beef fresh daily. There are several others depending where you're staying.

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      Thanks C.C.G. your suggestions always or spot on! I'll have to wait untill after the crowds thin out, but I am going to try the burger at the Outer Bar. My limits are Woods Hole to P-town. I tried the Kobe burger at Phusion in Woods Hole, good taste kinda greasy, and over cooked.

    2. I think Clancy's on Upper County does a good burger - but would be intersted in other spots!

      1. Had a great cheeseburger at Chatham Bars Inn and resort in the tavern that was delicious..
        Great burger at Oceans Edge resort in Brewster and love The Wequassett Inn too!

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          I'm not a fan of the Kobe burger...I don't know, I think it's because it doesn't have enough fat, so there's no flavor. I've had them at Lola 41 and The Wauwinet (Nantucket) and just wasn't impressed. Was it really that good, CCG? I do love the Outer Bar at Wequassett.

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            Ciclista....I know what you mean, and it is indeed quite lean. Mine was cooked a nice medium/medium rare and I quite enjoyed it. Of course, the setting probably enhances the experience. I did mis-characterize the fries as hand cut, they were basic shoestrings. (I confused them with another burger and fries I had at the Summer Shack on Bass River. The burger there was okay, a fresh patty from Dennis Public Market (per the menu) and excellent handcut fries. A nice waterfront setting as well in the Mid-Cape area.

        2. Ferretti's market in Brewster has great beef ground on the premises, and also sells patties ready-made that are very good. Their ready-made burgers come in beef, bacon cheddar, and one other type that escapes me, but they are at least a 1/3 pound a piece, juicy and delicious.

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