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Aug 13, 2009 06:17 PM

too much?

I really want to make a 12 layer cake a la the Smith family for my son's birthday, but I want to change the flavors up. Instead of just white cake and chocolate frosting, I really want to do alternating layers of banana custard, peanut butter frosting, and 7-minute frosting, with the final outer frost just basic chocolate butter cream. Am I being ridiculous, or does this sound good to anyone but me? Maybe possibly eliminate the banana? Also, anyone who's attempted this cake and has any helpful tips would forever be amazing.


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  1. Check out this post

    Good luck. Please report back!


    1. Just a comment on the use of 7-minute frosting as one of your layers: one of the delights of 7-minute frosting is the crust it forms on the outside, which would of course not form if used as a filling. I'd use something else and save the 7-minute for frosting the outside of a cake.