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Aug 13, 2009 04:58 PM

Can I make a souffle in my old, tiny, leaky, gas oven?

Inspired by a re-run episode of Julia Child making souffle and a new episode of Alton Brown doing the same, I'm tempted to make a souffle, something I have not done since moving into my current abode with its old, tiny, leaky (heat, not gas), gas oven.

Can I do this or will the temperature be too variable?

Attached is a picture of what my oven is like. This is not the real one. The real one refused to pose for a photo. It's pretty much like this but a lot more beat up.


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  1. Just so the leak is restricted to heat, not gas.

    Can you get some gasket replacements so that heat is better contained? How is the thermostat? An oven thermometer might help for now but I'd have a professional gas expert check out your appliance, especially if this is your first time using it.


    1. Chefpaulo's suggestion of having someone come check it out is probably the best idea...but if I were you I'd definitely at least try to make one. Unless you've had problems with other baked goods, then it's probably not worth the trouble.

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        Have not baked in it because it seemed unreliable. Had a couple of different gas experts out and both declared it leak free but didn't have much to say about it otherwise. A new gasket is a good idea.

      2. Until recently, I had a really unreliable old gas stove. Wildly unreliable. I had to turn the heat way up to get it hot enough, and then turn it down to moderate it. I likened it to cooking in a wood oven like my grandmother had.

        But I made everything in it anyway. I got an inexpensive oven thermometer so I could tell where things were at. And kind of got the hang of how to get it to the right point.

        I did make great souffles in mine. So go for it! The worst that could happen is that it might fall. It will still taste great.

        I would do two things. If it's leaky, like mine was also, I would be sure to put the souffle in towards the back so it wasn't affected by cooler air towards the front (if your's is like mine). And I would resist the temptation to open the door to check on it except when necessary.