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Aug 13, 2009 04:49 PM

Dining solo in San Francisco

I just found out that I will get to tag along with my husband to San Francisco in a couple weeks for six nights. He will be working a conference, so I will be on my own for all lunches and most dinners. I'm looking for ideas about where to dine solo while I am there. I have spent a lot of time in Las Vegas, which is very friendly for solo diners. How does San Francisco compare?

I love seafood and dim sum. So definitely want to work both of those into my week.

I am planning to spend one morning at the Legion of Honor and will take the ferry over to Sausalito another day. Would appreciate recommendations in both of those areas, as well as the areas near Union Square and Fisherman's Wharf/North Beach.

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  1. Many places here offer the opportunity to eat the bar, which is always good for singles. For seafood, Tadich certainly works well that way for either lunch or dinner.

    1. Here are some suggestions given another single diner.

      1. mercy, you're about to have a lot of fun.

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          tadich at 2 p.m. or so at the bar is well worth the time. the waiters know their stuff and the barkeep can build a decent martini. the place is old school. i like that.

          zuni is maybe my favorite lunch spot. i like the burger. i'm also a fan of the oysters. the barkeep knows his way around a decent gimlet. taking the "f" on market makes you feel like a regular. be sure to buy a "passport" so you can game the mass transit.

          the ferry building is awesome. lunch at hog island with a few glasses of a good sparkling wine always works for me. sometimes i pick and choose ingredients at the stands/shops and grab a seat at the bar at the wine merchants. i've been known to sit at the bar at slanted door, too. love the ferry building.

          sausalito has burgers on bridgeway (takeout but across the street from the park) and fish. i like them both. fish is a far piece from the ferry dock (2 miles?) but worth the trek. cash only.

          dim sum at yank sing is pricey but good. the rincon center is stunning. go early for lunch. it's worth it.

          solo dinner at the bar at a16 is pretty good if you like italian wine and a scene. i do. bar crudo has a new home. haven't been there but if it's as good as the old place it has to be a winner. early dinner upstairs at epic roast house is very good. perbacco at the bar is a hoot. one market in the bar area is ok, too.

          i suspect there are at least one hundred other/better places.

          have too much fun.

          1. re: steve h.

            I eat solo a lot and almost never have any problem - from hole in the wall places (where everyone isn't treated well) to four starish places where I am treated well.
            I've eaten at A16 solo at a table and also at the food bar (where you can watch them cook and chat with your neighbors) and both were fine - but the alcohol bar has always been too crowded and noisy for me.

        2. The counter at Tadich Grill is great for solo dining and very San Francisco.

          1. In Sausalito skip the Burger joint is bad. Sit at the bar at Poggio for a lunch that brings you back to Italy. Its a 1 block walk from the Ferry and its a place you will feel comfortable t o eat and linger.