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Aug 13, 2009 04:26 PM

Anniversary Dinner in Las Vegas

Ok, chowhounds, my brain is mush trying to decide just where to squander our children's inheritance for our anniversary dinner in a couple of weeks. We are staying at the Four Seasons.
These are the top 3 suggestions I've received from the concierge at the hotel...
1. Joel Robuchon at the Mansion
2. Alex at the WYNN
3. Alize at the Palms

I 'researched' Guy Savoy, but am more than a little wary of the price and mixed reviews...we don't mind paying for quality, but if it's dicey.....
We aren't much interested in Thai (Lotus of Siam was already suggested by a pal) or Italian...prefer French...but I can be talked into alternatives! heh.
Thanks in advance. Oh, also, if anyone has dined at any of these restaurants quite recently, I'd be interested to hear if the economic splatter is felt in quality of food or service.

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  1. Joel Robuchon is closed till Aug 31st so I don't know if that before or after your stay. I just had an amazing meal at Guy Savoy last night. Definitely worth it. Will be posting reviews next week.

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    1. re: SDGourmand

      Thanks, SDGourmand! One less choice. Damn

    2. Joel Rubuchon is THE BEST restaurant is vegas. Easy choice.

      Also Restaurant Charlie is amazing as well. Definitely a more modern meal but well worth it.

      1. Which anniversary are you celebrating?
        We celebrated our 30th at Picasso last December and I can't think of any place better. We both thought it was our best meal overall ever. Ambiance, service and food were all perfect.
        I believe the price was less than Joel Robuchon or Guy Savoy. Probably more traditional preparations than your other choices. The only bad reviews I have seen of Picasso relate to their not changing the menu very much from year to year.

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          Second Picasso for anniversary!!! As far as second guessing quality at Guy reason to. As some say JR is best in Vegas I would disagree and say Guy Savoy is hands down the best. The interior of JR is nicer but GS's food is surreal (yes expensive but worth EVERY PENNY!!!).