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Aug 13, 2009 04:20 PM

September Seattle searching for seasonal, regional specialties

We'll be visiting the last weekend of September from San Francisco with no particular agenda other than sampling what the Northwest has to offer. Not sure what to expect, but chanterelles (and other mushrooms), geoducks, spiny and pink scallops, and Olympia oysters would be super. Anything local is of interest. Would much prefer to purchase from the forager/fisherman; for example, we plan on visiting oyster farms (any suggestions? Taylor? other?).

Scallops in the shell would be excellent--one of our coworkers just assumed that they came as little disks of flesh. We want to show her the real thing, eyes and all if possible (I know they are very perishable).

Farmers markets and Asian markets are welcome. Have car, willing to drive.

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  1. There are a variety of Farmers Markets of course. The Ballard and University District are probably the easiest and best. (Ballard) and (University District).

    Here's the contact info for Taylor Shellfish. I would suggest talking to them. Oyster Bill is at both of those farmers markets and he's a great resource.

    A few other ideas.
    Tilth is a local organic restaurant. They source the majority of their food locally (and organically of course) and you'll find very seasonal menus there. Spring Hill also serves a very seasonal menu.

    For the ultimate splurge, there's the Herbfarm, where they grow a lot of their own food including pigs and chickens and of course, lots of herbs.

    Many restaurants in Seattle will offer seasonal specialties. If there is a type of cuisine you are interested in, let us know.

    You can go to the Fisherman's Terminal and quite often buy right off the boat, but you'll be buying from some of the same vendors as at the Farmers Markets. But going right up to the boat does have a certain thrill. There are lots of spots for oysters (including buying them at the farmers markets... Oyster Bill will show you how to shuck them if you'd like). In September/October time frame Seattle will be quite flush with oysters.

    Hope this helps.