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Aug 13, 2009 04:15 PM

Napa Valley tour


My husband and I are in San Francisco for the September long weekend and will be spending a day in Napa. We have already booked dinner at Celadon on recommendation of a friend.

Does anyone have any suggestions for wine tours? Also we were going to rent a car and drive around ourselves but have also heard that it's better to just hire a driver to drive us around all day. Thoughts?


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  1. We have used Black Tie Limo ( with great success. The only caveat is that we live in the east bay so they will probably not be the most cost effective option for you since you will be staying in SF. Maybe give them a call and see if they can refer you to someone closer.

    The great thing about hiring a driver is that most limo companies in the area are used to wine tours and can give great suggestions depending on what type of wine you like. They will also set up appts where necessary and they know exactly how much time to allot for each stop etc.

    Just for comparison, Black Tie Limo charges $55/hr (4 hour min) for a town car and $75/hour for a stretch. Definitely a relaxing and stress free way to enjoy Napa.

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      There are other comments about this on Chowhound, so please read those as well. That being said, limo drivers are clueless about good or great wine, and often receive a form of kickback for directing their clients towards certain (not-so-great) wineries, meanwhile chatting them up as being great.

      So, decide what your tastes are, what style of wine you like, come to Chowhound to research it, organize visits by region or AVA, and hand your driver a list. *You* are in charge of quality control.

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      1. Here's a report from a visitor who hired a designated driver to drive the rental car.