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Help with my Boston itinerary!

Hello -
My hubby and I are visiting Boston from Los Angeles for the first time next week. We will not have a car and only staying for Wed/Thurs. We are staying at the Radisson. I have done some research on the board and here is what I have so far:

Breakfast - need help, any coffee bars, simple places for breakfast near the Radisson?

Wed -
Lunch - No clue, need help, I think we will be around the Boston Commons area, want some place with a boston feel, maybe seafood?
Dinner - either at Sorellina or Prezza (which should I pick?)

Thursday - Walking the Freedom trail
Lunch - Regina's Pizza
Dinner - Neptune's Oyster
After Dinner: Bell in Hand for Drinks?

If you could help me with some ideas for breakfast and let me know your thoughts on my picks that would be great!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Breakfast: Mike & Patty's on Church St in Bay Village.

    Lunch: Parish Cafe on Boylston near the Public Garden.

    Next week also is part of Restaurant Week and many places are having special deals for lunch and dinner. Some participating lunch places nearby include Avila, Davio's and Via Matta. See www.bostonusa.com for details.

    Parish Cafe
    361 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

    Mike and Pattys LLC Dba Mike and Pattys
    12 Church St, Boston, MA

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      Oh...I vote Avila for lunch if you like their RW special...or even just their menu....went for my birthday and LOVED it!

    2. Sorellina is participating in Restaurant Week, but I don't think Prezza is. You should factor that into your decision. There are pros and cons to RW, and lots of recent threads debating them.

      1. For Breakfast try Charlie's in the South End or the Paramount on Charles St. Both are a nice walk from the Radisson.

        1. For lunch Via Matta does a nice job or a walk to Chinatown. Peach Farm Seafood there is great.

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            Peach Farm is indeed great food, albeit in a kind of dumpy atmosphere. If you're not into Chinese for lunch and you're around the common I'd recommend Marliave, the food is good and it's historic Boston, the place has been a restaurant for well over a century.

            10 Bosworth Street, Boston, MA 02108

          2. Your lunch on Wed, try Beacon Hill Bistro. It's lovely and and I think will give you a Boston feel. Not seafood specific, but there is always fish of some kind on th menu.

            For after dinner drinks on Thursday, try Marlive. They'd have better bartending than Bell in Hand for sure.

            Breakfast: The Paramount maybe. It's much loved.

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              Beacon Hill Bistro looks great! Thank you.

            2. near the COmmon, you can do lunch at Vinalia (their nachos are great, believe it or not, made from very light crispy wonton skins instead of tortilla chips) or maybe Sam LaGrassa's for pastrami/corned beef. For after dinner drinks, instead of Marliave, consider No. 9 Park (get one of their cocktail flights) or take a cab to Craigie (on Main st in Cambridge)...

              1. Thanks for all your help! Especially the breakfasts. Mike and Patty's looks great, as do the others.

                Still undecided about Prezza vs. Sorellina. I saw the RW menu at Sorellina and it looks OK, but I guess we can order off meny if we want. Prezza gets good reviews on the boards. Maybe its a last minute decision.

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                  Those are two popular restaurants so I wouldn't leave it to the last minute. Even if you reserve two weeks in advance, it might be the availability that makes the decision for you.

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                    Thanks , I actually have reservations at both locations, so that was why I was hoping to get some help on a decision.

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                      Ah, good. I'd opt to skip the RW madness and go to Prezza. I've never been to Sorellina, but Prezza is excellent. If you go, don't miss whatever risotto and polenta dishes are on the menu.

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                    On another thread, newyorker1 reports that M&P is closed for vacation and renovations until 8/31.

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                      I saw that! I am so bummed. I thought that was our perfect breakfast solution. I guess we will try heading to paramount or see what else we can find.

                  3. Love the Paramount on Charles Street. Great breakfasts. Just don't take a seat until you've ordered or you'll get stink eye from one of the regulars! The system works flawlessly!

                    I wouldn't choose Prezza for the soul reason that you've already done that neighborhood for 2 other meals. Haven't been to Sorellina but have heard good things. I have had some excellent pasta at Scampo in the Liberty Hotel at the end of Charles Street which would be perfect after a long stroll on the Charles River.
                    Not sure the times, but received an email from Marliaves and they are doing $1 oysters at different times of the day - could be worth it if you plan on knocking back a dozen.

                    1. For drinks, at any time, I'd highly recommend Drink in the Seaport area. Take a cab. Its the best place to get a drink in Boston. Esquire rated it the second best bar in the country. I second the Via Matta suggestion. I think its the best Italian (not Italian-American) food in the city. I've eaten at both Sorellina and Prezza, and would choose Via 10 out of 10 times. You can also get a late night bar menu there until 1 AM.

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                        I think drink is pretentious.

                        Love Via Matta. My favorite meal for two is sharing Crunchy eggplant, mushroom arancini truffled rice balls and a side vegetable and their wonderful bread with basil infused evoo and a 1/2 carafe of house red. A perfect affordable meal for two.

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                          What about Drink do you find pretentious? I don't like that there's no menu, or that they're a "craft cocktail" bar that doesn't muddle their own fruit, but I do think the drinks are delicious. I've never had anything but knowledgeable, down-to-earth service, and the atmosphere is casual enough.

                      2. Thanks for all your help everyone!
                        On Wed we hit Beacon Hill Bistro and had a wonderful meal. I ended up doing the restaurant week menu with a falafel, broiled hake, dessert. Really liked it.

                        Dinner, we ended up at Prezza. Really good service. Had 2 outstanding pasta dishes, the gnocci bolognese and the shrimp/corn raviolini. The appetizers were pretty good, not outstanding. Dissapointed in the rabbit, liked the zucchini flowers, really enjoyed the grilled octopus/calamari.

                        Dinner at Neptune's Oysters was outstanding. Really fresh oysters, the steamed clams were some of the best I ever had. Loved the lobster roll and enjoyed the clam chowder.

                        We tried to make it to Paramount for breakfast but ended up just getting quick bites so we could hit the sightseeing. Next time.

                        Thanks again for all your help.

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                        1. re: CarlieInLA

                          Next time try Mike and Patty's in Bay Village, they have fabulous breakfast foods! You were so close and it's in the heart of Bay Village next to the Raddisson.

                          1. re: JFBoston

                            They were closed when we were there. Believe me, that was exactly what we were looking for. I was very dissapointed they were closed.