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Aug 13, 2009 03:41 PM

shabu shabu at home

Hi all!
Can someone recommend a good butcher or supermarket where I can get pre-sliced quality meat for making shabu shabu at home? I know shabu shabu house sells it in the restaurant but I wanted a larger quantity and hopefully a cheaper price tag. Looking for places in Koreatown, Little Tokyo, EchoPark/Silverlake/los Feliz areas. Thank you!

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  1. In Little Tokyo, Marukai. 2nd and Central.

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      My favorite is the harris ranch sliced beef (I think its sirloin) from Marukai (although I go to the Gardena one). A little more expensive than regular sliced beef, but worth it imho. They also have presliced shabu shabu meat packages at Ktown markets such as the Galleria and in Monterey Park at places like 99 ranch, but I like the meat from Japanese markets better, its sliced thinner and has more flavor, although is slightly more expensive. All the markets should have the shabu shabu dipping sauces, I usually get the sesame one and ponzu one and mix together.

    2. Mitsuwa Marketplace on Alameda in LT.

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        this place is great!!! lots of interesting fish, meat, and everything else. i wonder around in amazement. and a lot of pre-packaged shabu shabu meat (they also have a butcher).

        333 S Alameda St # 100, Los Angeles - (213) 680-9233

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          Are you referring to Little Tokyo Market Place, the Korean market that replaced Mitsuwa this spring?

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            Yes, you're right. My mistake. My limited knowledge of Japanese for food items is no longer as useful as it used to be. However, their selection of Kimchee is astonishing (but not as good as Korea town) and they have live seafood (especially abalone) in tanks. Their assortment of sliced meats is at least as good as before the change, and their butcher will cut to order (and you don't need to speak Korean, but I'm sure it helps).

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            1. In Ktown, Assi has better meats than most other Korean markets